Melanie Linsky says she was body shamed for filming Coyote Ugly

Melanie Linsky, star of the series “Yellowjackets,” recalled what she and other actresses experienced while filming the 2000 movie “Coyote Ugly.”

“All the girls had this system they had to keep going. It was ridiculous,” the actress told the Hollywood Reporter. “I was already starving and as thin as I could be for this body, and I was still [size] four. “

Lensky, 45, played Gloria, the woman who was the best friend of actress Piper Perabo’s character, Violet, in the movie. The Don’t Look Up actress said she faced harsh criticism from the original fashion designer, makeup artist, and others during filming.

“There have already been people who put a lot of Spanx on me in my wardrobe fittings and get very disappointed when they see me, like a stylist, ‘No one told me there were going to be girls like you,’” Lynskey continued.

“Really intense comments about my body and my body and the people who plasticize me and being like, ‘I’m just going to help you by giving you more jaw and stuff. Only the comments were always like, “You’re not pretty. You’re not pretty.’”

Melanie Lenski in a wedding dress ate a cake from "ugly wolf" Movie
“I was already starving and as thin as I could be for this body, and I was still [size] Four,” THR said.
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Lensky later clarified that the costume designer who was taped to the film was not the one she was referring to in her comments.

“The stylist who initially worked at Coyote Ugly Left for a reason, and a lovely, sweet lady named Marlene Stewart took on the job and was fantastic,” Lynskey chirp Wednesday afternoon.

receive from "ugly wolf" Above the pool table
Lynskey played the best friend of lead actress Piper Perabo in the 2000 movie.
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“The first person was mean, and the person credited was not,” she wrote. “And my answer was kind of mixed – I’ve had experiences with makeup artists who offer to help my face better but that didn’t happen on Coyote Ugly. The hair and makeup team was amazing, very nice and among the best I’ve ever worked with.”

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But body shaming did not stop in the early 2000s.

In January, Lensky revealed that she I faced a similar situation With a crew member during the recent filming of “Yellowjackets” for Showtime.

They would ask me, what do you intend to do? I’m sure the producers will provide you with a trainer. “They would love to help you with this,” she told Rolling Stone.

Melanie Lenski yellow jacket
Lynskey experienced a similar physical shame incident on the set of “Yellowjackets”.
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Actress co-star Juliette Lewis learned of the interaction and wrote a letter to the production on behalf of Lensky.

“I want women to be able to watch [‘Yellowjackets’] And be like, “Wow, she looks like me and no one says she’s fat.” Lenski concluded that this representation is important.

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