Medical plane out of fuel: Crashed man pleads for help in Afghanistan mountains

Air ambulance without fuel
An accident victim seeks help in the mountains of Afghanistan

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Afghanistan's Badakhshan Province is sparsely populated. On Sunday night, a small plane carrying six people crashed. We are talking about a private medical transport for a Russian couple. A prisoner who has dragged himself through the mountains comes to the rescue.

A civilian Russian small plane has crashed in Afghanistan, killing two of the six people on board, according to local officials. Four survivors, including the pilot, were taken from a remote mountainous region of Badakhshan province in the country's north and are in the care of authorities, representatives of the Taliban-controlled provincial administration said on Sunday. .

The Russian aviation authority, Rosaviatsia, also reported the crash on Sunday night, citing the Russian Embassy in Afghanistan. “Of the six people on board, four are alive. They have various injuries. The fate of two is still being determined,” it said. Russian state news agency TASS, citing Afghan television, reported that the survivor was able to reach a residence in a sparsely populated area and asked for help using only body language.

Badakhshan is a province in the northeast of Afghanistan. The province has 22 districts and more than 1,200 villages, with a total population of about one million. The provincial capital is Faizabad, where the Bundeswehr Reconstruction Team was stationed from 2004 to 2012. Most of the Badakhshan province is occupied by the mountain ranges of the Hindu Kush and the Pamir mountains.

Sudden fuel shortage?

According to reports, the plane crash occurred in South Jepak district. According to the Civil Aviation Authority, the Russian-registered Dassault Falcon 10 was en route to Moscow from Pattaya, Thailand. Pattaya is a seaside resort popular with Russian tourists. It was a private medical transport, according to Russian news agencies TASS and RIA. A bedridden patient and her husband were in the machine. A Russian businessman chartered the plane.

The crashed plane is said to be a Dassault Falcon 10.  Pictured is a German Dassault Falcon 20E research aircraft.

The crashed plane is said to be a Dassault Falcon 10. Pictured is a German Dassault Falcon 20E research aircraft.

(Photo: Image Alliance / dpa)

According to Russian media reports, the couple is from Volgodonsk, in the Rostov-on-Don region of southern Russia. The flight was to fly from Thailand to Moscow via India and Uzbekistan; Afghanistan is not part of the route. The Indian aviation ministry said the plane was refueling when it stopped at Gaya. The pilot later announced an emergency landing at an airport in Tajikistan due to a lack of fuel, according to Russian news website Shot. After 25 minutes the plane disappeared from air traffic control radar.

Authorities in Afghanistan and Russia announced investigations into the incident. A criminal case has been opened in Russia for violating security regulations.

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