A new Bluetooth flaw was found this week by security research agency Armis Labs. According to the security firm, the vulnerability can allow hackers to get complete control of their desktop, mobile, and IoT devices using the devices Bluetooth.

As we’re all aware, Bluetooth connectivity is pretty much found on all modern-day devices. Reports indicate there are nearly 8 billion Bluetooth devices on the planet, which simply means that countless number of devices are at risk.

Armis Labs has also detailed several ways devices can be hacked using Bluetooth, irrespective of the platform. Put simply, it doesn’t matter if you own a Windows, Mac, Linux Android, or an iOS device. As you’re at risk if you’re device has Bluetooth, which is most likely the case. You can check out BlueBorne glitch in action in the demo video below:

The vulnerability essentially allows any hacker to access your device’s OS, without even having it paired or set on ‘Discover mode’. Moreover, hackers can also gain access to the device even if its paired with some other one.

The good news, however, is that the flaw is known for quite sometime now, and has been patched on major operating systems. For instance, it appears Windows 10 is protected thanks to a new security patch that rolled out in July this year. While users who’ve upgraded to iOS 10 also need not worry. Google also rolled out a patch this week to take fix the vulnerability. Hence, users are advised to update their devices if they haven’t in the past week.

It takes only a matter of seconds for BlueBorne to gain control over your device. As it constantly scans for devices with ‘Bluetooth On’.  It then detects a device susceptible to its risks and eventually gains control over it in no time. Once connected, all your personal information such as contacts, photos, card details as well as information stored in your web browser is at the mercy of hackers. Hence, one should make sure they regularly update their devices with the latest security.