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Mario Party is a “bitter memory” by Chrono Trigger composer


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Mario jumps and smiles.

picture: nintendo

You’ve heard Yasunori Mitsuda before, even if you haven’t. From Yasunori Mitsuda – Japanese composer has created many perfect video game soundtracks, including those of Xenogears And the Chrono player. he is Also responsible for the Boops series that make up the soundtrack to the 1998 original Mario PartyBut he revealed on November 1 that his time working on those songs wasn’t as sunny as it seemed.

On that day, Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter posted that Mario Party And the Mario Party 2 They were coming to Switch Today, November 2, along with the news, Mitsuda’s bitter memories may have returned at a speed.

Mario Party It was my first freelance job [after leaving Square]. The music director told me they wanted jazz but all my songs were rejected.” say translation From the Japanese Mitsuda Twitter thread. “When I cajoled and asked for pointers, I knew he specifically wanted ‘big jazz,’ so I have a bitter memory of being like, ‘Seriously?!’ “

Mitsuda goes to say that Mario Party He set his own personal record for number of rejected songs — 200 jazz tunes that Nintendo decided simply weren’t big or strong enough. But most interestingly, Mitsuda says he hasn’t faced such a wide gap in expectation in the past two decades since he worked on it. Mario Party.

He also appeared to deny or downplay his involvement with Mario Party 2 The soundtrack, though His name appears In the 1999 endgame credits under “Music”. Mario Party tear us apart.

But there’s more to life than being an Italian crypto plumber, or, as it turns out, an author in one of his games. In addition to contributing to the last installments of Zeno Chain and lead a guest spot on Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis Soundtrack, Mitsuda The guest also composed for Standalone RPG sea ​​of ​​starsin the year 2023.

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