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Just type Mariupol into Google Maps and you can see all the horrors now.

They clashed for weeks Russians Entering the city on the Sea of ​​Azov, they bombarded the houses and people with all their arsenals. With an update, Google has now made the rest public.

Among other must-sees: Theater in Mariupol. Hundreds of women, men and children sought protection from Russian bombs and wrote “Children” (Djeti) in Russian on the square in front of it. It didn’t help. On March 16, the attackers bombarded mercilessly. All that remains is a broken building, many more dead under its rubble. The word children is still present after more than a year.

The black dots on the map indicate fires that burned there after the bombs

Photo: Google Maps Mariupol

Nothing remains or remains of the once-thriving city of 440,000 people. Rubble is everywhere, houses are shaved to their foundations, and entire neighborhoods are flattened. What’s left are large, brown spots. Just earth. If you zoom in even more, you can see many black buildings as well. You’re burned out. Roads are potholed, the airport is unusable, and Europe’s former largest steelworks, Azovstal, is completely broken. It’s hard to imagine hundreds of people staying there for weeks.

Azovstal Steel Plant.  Shaved

Azovstal Steel Plant. Shaved

Photo: Google Maps Mariupol

Only the port is clean and usable – the Russians need it, so they cleaned it up and restored it. The rest has turned into a terrifying ghost town. The Russians killed about 120,000. Many lie in mass graves, but many remain unburied.

It took many years for the city to regain its former glory after liberation.

There is only a runway from the airport

There is only a runway from the airport

Photo: Google Maps Mariupol

Let's count the buildings standing on one side

Let’s count the buildings standing on one side

Photo: Google Maps Mariupol

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