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Many missing in Belgium: Severe explosion destroys apartment building


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Many are missing in Belgium
Heavy explosion destroyed the apartment building

A terrifying explosion has occurred in a four-story skyscraper in Belgium. As a result, many are thought to be missing and one person has been seriously injured.

Large parts of the apartment building in the northern Belgian city of Turnhout were damaged in a severe explosion. According to official reports, it was not initially clear if people were killed. One person had to be taken to hospital, while another was initially locked in a partially collapsed building.

Mayor Paul von Myart said in an interview with the Het Laatste Nieuws’ website that the trapped man was well on his own terms. You have contact with her. According to the Belgian news agency Belga, eight people were initially missing. However, it is not clear if they were in the building at the time of the explosion.

Photographs taken from the scene of the accident show that parts of two floors above the four-story house were completely destroyed in the fire. It tore parts of the exterior wall and some parts of the roof completely. The exact cause of the explosion was not immediately known. Mayor Paul von Myart said, “We suspect a gas explosion.

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