Google is said to be following the footsteps of Apple as it is slowly blocking the use of apps from its store with the latest update of OS Android P. Apple delete the apps that no more support in their latest iPhone models and in the same way Google is now clearing its store of the unsupported apps.

During the last December, Google demands its developers to apps which are one year older should be present in the store. According to a report of Android Police, the apps that will get submitted to the Google after Android P should target Android Oreo or above. Google has given a statement in which it says that the future operating system versions will block all the apps that will fail in front of recent AP level. The company did not give any more specifications for the same but Google has started a new MIN_SUPPORTED_TARGET_SDK_INT  class this year which aims the minimum support for the device in API level.

According to Android Police, the minimum level for Android 9.0 is v17. The level of Android Jelly Bean is v4.2. So as per that level, the apps which are made for Android 4.1 or low will not work for the updated and higher version of Android like Android P. If the apps work in the smartphones they will experience the problems related to performance and security.

Google has rolled out the Android P developer Preview. The preview shows the warnings when the old apps are opened. It says that the app is built for the older version of Android and it may not work in the updated version of Android. This message which is shown in the preview version which is not yet clear that when the final version will be out, this message will be shown or not.