Major events of the night in the war in Ukraine

The Ukrainian government controls pro-Russian parties, while President Zhelensky addresses the Russian people. The humanitarian crisis is worsening in many cities.

Fight in front sections Ukraine Continued Sunday night. At the political level, the Kyiv government has meanwhile launched a strike against pro-Russian parties in the country and suspended their work until further notice. President Wolodymyr Selenskyj He again addressed the people in Russia with harsh words.

The work of pro-Russian parties in Ukraine is currently banned

Ukraine’s National Security and Security Council has banned the work of several pro-Russian parties during the war in the country. Selenskyj announced this via video message on Sunday night. Zelenskyi quoted “Ukraynska Pravda” as saying, “The actions of their politicians aimed at division or cooperation will not succeed, but they will receive a harsh response.”

Affected parties include the “opposition platform – for life” and the “opposition bloc”, which are also represented in parliament. Like the other nine additional parliamentary parties now banned, they are considered euroseptic, anti-liberal or pro-Russian.

Selenskiz: Mountains of corpses of Russian soldiers

In his video message, Selensky addressed the Russian people with defensive words about Russia’s severe war casualties. “Especially in the hotspots of heavy fighting, our defenses are practically submerged by the corpses of Russian soldiers. (…) These corpses, these bodies have not been recovered by anyone,” he continued. Russian generals are chasing new units over reserves they have stockpiled somewhere.

He can understand that there are almost endless soldiers and military equipment in Russia. “But I want to know from the citizens of Russia: what was done to you for so many years that you did not notice your losses?”. More than 14,000 Russian soldiers have already been killed. “That’s 14,000 mothers, 14,000 fathers, wives, children, relatives, friends – don’t you notice?”

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The Ukrainian account of Russian soldiers killed could not be verified independently – as much as their own military casualties, the state leadership had about 1,300 soldiers a week ago. So far, the Russian side has officially confirmed less than 500 of their own casualties.

Ukrainian authorities: More than 260 civilians were killed in Kharkiv

The number of civilian deaths continues to rise. According to local officials, 266 civilians have been killed since Russian troops invaded Ukraine three weeks ago as a result of fighting in the city of Kharkiv alone. Judicial officials in the country’s second-largest city said Saturday evening that they had 14 children. The union says the city, which was besieged by Russian troops and had a population of 1.5 million before the start of the war, has been regularly shelled by artillery. This information could not be verified independently.

A Ukrainian soldier guards the building of the National Academy of State Administration in Kharkiv, which was damaged by a shell attack. (Source: Andrew Marianco / DPA)

Large number of victims in the camps destroyed in Mykolayiv

Auxiliaries say at least 50 people have been killed since Saturday by airstrikes following a rocket attack by Russian troops on a camp in Mykoliv, southern Ukraine. A total of 200 soldiers were sleeping in the building when the rockets hit, Ukrajinska Pravda said on Saturday. Sixty of the injured have been admitted to nearby hospitals. This information has not been independently confirmed.

The mayor of Chernihiv reported the disaster

In a dramatic appeal, the mayor of Chernihiv pointed out the dangerous situation in the northern Ukrainian city surrounded by Russian troops. “Indiscriminate artillery fire in residential areas continues, peaceful people are dying,” said Vladislav Adrashenko, the union agency. The city is facing a humanitarian catastrophe. “No electricity, no water, no heat. The city’s infrastructure is completely destroyed.”

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Satellite images show an explosion in Chernihiv.  (Source: dpa / Maxar Technologies)Satellite images show an explosion in Chernihiv. (Source: Maxar Technologies / dpa)

Rail links between Ukraine and Belarus may have been disrupted

Belarusian railway workers have reportedly cut off all rail links between Belarus and Ukraine. The head of the Ukrainian Railways Oleksandr Kamyshin thanked his colleagues in Belarus for the unspecified action on Saturday. “As of today I can say that there is no rail transport between Belarus and Ukraine,” the union agency said. This means that Russian troops in Ukraine will not receive reinforcements or supplies through these routes.

Svetlana Dichanovskaya, an adviser to the Belarusian opposition icon, also reported the alleged move on Twitter. “Knights! Belarusian railway workers cut off the railway connection with Ukraine, so trains with Russian equipment can not go to Ukraine,” wrote Franாக்ois Vyazorka. Here, however, there is no independent confirmation of the alleged action.

Despite Russian troops occupying Ukraine from Belarus, dictatorial Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko acts as a bodyguard for the Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin Appropriately, so far the neighboring country has rejected the direct involvement of its troops in the war.

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