Madonna is facing a lawsuit by fans for starting her concerts late

picture: Bennett Raglin (Getty Images)

When you attend a live performance of some kind, it is generally accepted that the event will not necessarily start at the time it's supposed to. Maybe the performers are just enjoying their time backstage, grabbing a bowl of M&Ms to make sure the right color is removed, or maybe they want to keep the audience on their toes to build up their anticipation. But after Madonna took the stage at 10:30 for a show in New York in December that was supposed to start two hours earlier, a pair of fans named Michael Fellows and Jonathan Haden decided to sue Madonna, Live Nation and the Barclays Center for “unreasonable and unfair business practices.” and/or deceptive.”

This comes from diverse, which says the duo is also citing late start times for Madonna's other shows at Barclays Center last month, as well as late start times for her tours in 2016 and 2019-2020, claiming it is part of a “long history of arriving and starting her concerts late” which constitutes ” “A deliberate practice of false advertising.” Fans also say that due to the concert's late start and late finish, they found “limited public transportation, limited ride sharing, and/or increased public and private transportation costs” after the show. Now, due to this alleged history of “negligent misrepresentation” regarding Madonna's concerts, the duo are seeking to turn this matter into a class action lawsuit.

diverse She says Madonna and her team have yet to respond to this, but it's also worth noting that Madonna's recent tour schedule has been temporarily suspended. After what she called a “strange bacterial infection.” Who nearly killed her over the summer. At a Barclays Center show in New York, Madonna told the audience that it was a “fucking miracle” that she returned to performing at all.

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