Madame Web It was a business decision to join Sony

Sidney Sweeney said in Recent interview with GQ UK Starring in Sony's “Madame Web” was a “strategic business decision” that more or less paid off even though the film was one of the biggest flops at the box office this year. In Sweeney's eyes, “Madame Web” got her into the door of Sony Pictures, and there she was able to achieve massive box office success with the romantic comedy “Anyonebut You.”

“For me, this film was a building block that allowed me to build a relationship with Sony,” Sweeney told the publication. “Without making Madame Web, I wouldn't have had a relationship with the decision makers there. Everything in my career I do not just for this story, but for strategic business decisions. Because I did that, I was able to sell 'Anybody But You'. I managed to get “Barbarella”.

Madame Web was widely panned by film critics earlier this year, and failed at the box office, having yet to surpass $100 million worldwide. It's a far cry from the success Sweeney had with “Anyone But You,” a romantic comedy co-starring Glen Powell that opened in December and grossed $214 million worldwide for Sony Pictures. Sweeney said she was able to launch “Anybody But You” because of the Sony connections she made by logging into “Madame Web.” She is also developing a remake of Barbarella at Sony, in which she is expected to star.

“[‘Madame Web’] “It's a big movie with a lot of people involved,” Sweeney said It has been added to GQ UK About the failure of superheroes. “I've just been hired as an actor and I'm thrilled to be bringing to life a character that my little cousins ​​are excited about. There's no outcome I can control in a film like this, especially when I'm not a producer. You check in on everything that's happening and then you take the ride… There's definitely a different formula when you're making a film Like this, and that was completely different from what I was used to.

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Sweeney starred in Madame Web as Julia Cornwall, a duplicate of Spider-Woman. The film sets up Julia for future films where she could be a superhero, and Sweeney had this to say when asked about returning to the role: “I think if the story is right and you have the right team, I'd love to do it.”

during A recent interview with diverseSweeney emphasized that she wants to continue acting in the films that she also produces so that she can gain some of the authority that she was missing in a project like “Madame Web.”

“I want to be as involved in the process of any project moving forward as I can,” she said. “I like to be in the room to be able to solve problems and come up with ideas. It's very important to have multiple people at the table instead of just one person – each person can be a collaborator and really help build the project. It takes everyone.” At Madame Web, it was It's so hard not being able to participate as much as I like. And I felt so free with “anyone but you” and “pure” being able to have that.

“Madame Web” became such a social media punching bag after its release that Sweeney herself joked about it on “Saturday Night Live” (“You definitely didn’t see me in Madame Web,” she said), while Jimmy Kimmel even did research For “Madame Web” in his monologue at the Academy Awards.

“Somehow the people in this room have managed to produce so many excellent films and unforgettable performances,” Kimmel said. “This night was filled with immense talent and untold potential, but so was Madame Web.”

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“Madame Web” co-stars Dakota Johnson in Sweeney He told Bustle earlier this month The film's reception did not come as a shock.

“It was definitely an experience for me to make this movie,” Johnson said. “I've never done anything like this before. I'll probably never do anything like this again because I don't make sense in this world. And I know that now. But sometimes in this industry, you sign up for something, and it's one thing and then while you're doing it “It becomes something completely different, and you're like, 'Wait, what?' But it was a real learning experience, and of course, it's not nice to be part of something that's torn to pieces, but I can't say I don't understand.”

Sony's “Madame Web” continues to play in theaters nationwide. Sweeney's new film “Immaculate” opens in theaters March 22 from Neon.

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