Losses to Russia – Ukraine demands surrender of Russian soldiers

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Russia continues to suffer losses in the war in Ukraine. The last soldiers must surrender at Cherson. Message Ticker.

  • Losses to Russia: According to US estimates, the Russian army has so far suffered 100,000 soldiers killed or wounded.
  • News of the war in Ukraine: All news about Ukraine conflict On our news ticker. This information comes partly from the warring parties Ukraine war and cannot be directly independently verified.

+++ 4:09 pm: Ukrainian intelligence has ordered the surrender of all Russian soldiers still on the deserted west bank of the Kherson region. In a message on its Telegram channel, the Intelligence Directorate wrote that Moscow had left its own soldiers “at the mercy of fate”. “Any attempt to oppose the armed forces of Ukraine will be stopped. Any Russian soldier who resisted would be destroyed.”

In the statement, the directorate told the remaining Russian soldiers that their “only chance to avoid death” was to surrender immediately. They will abide by the Geneva Conventions and are willing to exchange Russian soldiers for Ukrainian forces, including those held captive by Russia.

A Russian soldier in a field in Ukraine. (archive photo) © Viktor Antonyuk/Imago

Losses to Russia in Ukraine war: Combat vehicles and drones destroyed

+++ 2:51 pm: New statistics on the war in Ukraine. So Russia is still struggling with losses. Thus, Kyve destroyed six unmanned combat drones.

+++ 11.25 am: Ukraine was able to destroy 14 armored fighting vehicles and 12 artillery systems in the war with Russia, which was exiting the Kherson region. As a result, the Kremlin’s losses continue to mount.

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Losses to Russia in the war: Ukraine destroyed helicopters

+++ 9.55 am: Compared to the previous day, Ukraine also destroyed one helicopter and ten tanks. Thus, Russian losses continue to mount. Russia recently announced its withdrawal from Cherson.

Russia lost Ukraine war: 710 soldiers killed

+++ 8.50 am: Ukraine’s civil service updated the number of Russian casualties on Friday (November 11). Accordingly, compared to the previous day, 710 fallen soldiers were added.

Also, six more unmanned drones were reportedly shot down by the Ukrainian military. The assessment is based on information from Ukraine, an independent verification is not yet possible.

  • Players: 79,400 (+710 on previous day)
  • Flights: 278 (+0)
  • Helicopter: 261 (+1)
  • Puncture: 2814 (+10)
  • Armored Fighting Vehicles: 5696 (+14)
  • Artillery System: 1817 (+12)
  • Multiple rocket launcher systems: 393 (+0)
  • Air Defense Systems: 205 (+0)
  • Cars and other vehicles: 4259 (+17)
  • Ships: 16 (+0)
  • Unmanned Combat Drones: 1505 (+6)
  • (Until Friday, November 11)
  • Information about Russia’s losses in the war in Ukraine comes from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. They cannot be independently verified. The Kremlin gives very little information about its own losses.

Update from 6.20 am on Friday, November 11: Yesterday, Thursday (November 10) the Ukrainian army retaliated against Russian attackers. According to Ukraine’s news service, a total of eight bases with soldiers and military equipment were successfully shelled.

In addition, two ammunition depots and five air defense systems were destroyed. The information has not yet been independently verified.

According to Zelensky, Russian losses are 10 times higher than in Ukraine

+++ 10.25 pm: President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview CNN It says that Russia’s losses in the war against Ukraine are ten times higher than those of the Ukrainian armed forces. The Ukrainian president added that Russia’s military losses in men and equipment were shocking. With the help of Western partners, Ukraine’s armed forces were able to stop the Russian offensive and capture the initiative. The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces estimated that Russia lost 78,690 soldiers in the war against Ukraine.

Earlier, U.S. Chief of Staff General Mark Milley said that Russia had lost more than 100,000 soldiers killed and wounded in the war in Ukraine and that Ukraine could suffer a similar number (see initial report on November 10).

Heavy losses in Ukraine war: Ukrainian army recaptured large parts of Cherson region

+++ 7.45 pm: The Ukrainian military says it has retaken much of the Kherson region after Moscow ordered a partial withdrawal from the region. However, officials in Kyiv warned that retreating Russian soldiers could turn the regional capital into a “city of death”.

In just 24 hours, Ukrainian forces advanced 7 kilometers in the key southern region of Kherson and captured more than 260 square kilometers, a military spokesman said. Kyiv said it had taken control of the towns of Snihurivka and Kiselyivka, which are on important roads leading to the regional capital Kherson. Kiselyivka is located 15 kilometers from the city of Kherson.

Heavy casualties in Ukraine war: US General Staff sees ‘beginning’ of troop withdrawal

Update from Thursday, November 10 at 4:40 PM: US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley has again commented on Russia’s announced withdrawal from the Kherson region. One sees accordingly the “beginning” of a troop withdrawal: “You see the withdrawal of the Russian armed forces from Cherson. We see the beginning of it. He through yesterday [Russlands] Defense Secretary [Sergej] Shoigu announced. And so it happens,” Millie said in an interview CNBC.

Heavy losses in the Ukraine war: Russia lost around 100,000 soldiers

Report from Thursday, November 10: Kyiv/Moscow – in the war against Ukraine cap Russia According to US military estimates, more than 100,000 soldiers were killed or wounded. The same applies to the Ukrainian side, US Chief of Staff Mark Milley said in a speech in New York on Wednesday evening (local time). Also, about 40,000 Ukrainian civilians were killed. These numbers cannot be independently verified.

The war of aggression against Ukraine, which began in February, had caused enormous human suffering and was “a colossal strategic mistake” by Russia. The country will have to pay for this for years, Milley said in a speech at The Economic Club of New York.

If the front lines stabilize during the winter, there may be a chance to negotiate an end to the conflict. Millie is reported to have said that if such an opportunity came, she would take it. Negotiations should not come to fruition or fail America Continued supply of arms to Ukraine. (nak with dpa)

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