As if the screen burn-in issues or a lacklustre display weren’t enough, Google seem to have a bigger problem at hand with its latest Pixel 2 range now that a few of the phones have started making a strange ticking sound.

That is not all as there is a high pitched sound emanating as well which is making owing the new Pixel 2 rather annoying. Also, the high pitching noise is more frequent during calls while the ticking sound can be heard at all times till the phone is unlocked.

Interestingly, as Android Police reported, the sound issues seem to be more common with the Pixel 2 handset. So far, about a 100 Pixel 2 owners have reported the sound issues with the majority of them being Pixel 2 phones and only a sprinkling of those related to the Pixel 2 XL. Some users reported turning off NFC has helped solve the ticking sound problem though that isn’t likely the sort of solution that Google will likely endorse officially.

So far, it is the larger Pixel 2 Xl that has been hogging the limelight thanks to its infamous screen burn-in issues. The display on the larger Pixel has also drawn a lot of flak given its rather dull color reproduction along with the tendency to exhibit a blue tint at certain angles.

However, it is the burn-in factor that has turned to be the most annoying given the way it can grey out almost a third of the display, leaving the content of the display completely undecipherable. Google has already stated they are aware of the issue and has assured buyers they are already ‘actively’ pursuing the same. A solution should also be out soon though no one knows when it can be expected.

All of this has also no doubt left an indelible mark on the quality of the device. It has been just weeks that the phone was launched and the entire saga of event should also be proving a nightmare to the sales team. Under the circumstances, it remains to be seen how soon Google can turn things around.