Linus Tech Tips responds to disturbing allegations from former employee Madison Reeve

published: 2023-08-16 T20: 23:17

updated: 2023-08-16 T20:23:30

Linus Tech Tips has responded to disturbing accusations of abuse and poor conditions from former employee Madison Reeve.

On August 14, 2023, Gamers Nexus uploaded a video calling out Linus Tech Tips for various accuracy and ethical concerns about their videos.

Linus responded just hours after the video went live, pushing it back and forth between Gamers Nexus and Billet Labs — one of the companies Linus has worked with in the past. Linus has since uploaded a full apology video, but the controversy continues.

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Former employee Madison Reeve posted a contradictory thread on Twitter on Aug. 16, detailing various accusations of abuse and poor conditions while working at the company.

since then, Linus Sebastian and Terren Tong, CEO, Linus Media Group The accusations were made in statements he made to The Verge.

LinusTechTips | Youtube

Linus working with the Billet Labs prototype

Linus Tech Tips is hiring an outside investigator

In Linus’ statement, he revealed that he was in shock after reading the allegations.

I was in shock when I read these allegations, plain and simple. It doesn’t match up with my memories. It does not align with our internal processes. “It is not consistent with our company values,” he said.

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“We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe and inclusive environment. In addition to our existing reporting systems (anonymous and otherwise), we proactively reached out internally today to encourage our team members to report any workplace bullying or harassment they may experience so we can take action.” Quick and decisive.”

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Linus Sebastian from Linus Tech TipsYouTube: Linus Tech Tips

Sebastian went on to explain that the human resources team at Linus Media Group will investigate the situation further and will issue a more complete statement in the future.

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The Verge also received a statement from LMG CEO Terren Tong, who was similarly shocked in Madison Reeve’s Twitter thread. He also shared that in addition to the internal review, the company will hire an external investigator to look into the situation.

We’ll have to wait to see the results of the investigation, so stay tuned Dexerto’s Tech coverage Until the next update.

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