‘Left to Die’: Woman wakes up from two-year coma, names culprits

“Left for Dead”
The woman wakes up from a two-year coma and names the culprits

Paramedics thought Wanda Palmer was dead when she was found in her West Virginia home with severe head injuries in the summer of 2020. She survives, but remains in a coma for a long time. Due to lack of information, the act of violence remains unsolved. Once the girl wakes up, the investigation can be completed.

Two years after being put in a coma from an attack, a woman in the US has reawakened – and identified her brother as the culprit. “Attacked, beaten and left for dead, Wanda Palmer awoke to find her attacker, her brother Daniel Palmer, arrested,” the West Virginia Police Department reported.

The 51-year-old woman was found lying in a pool of blood in her Cottageville home in June 2020. According to a CNN report, the woman was found upright in her bed. Paramedics who were called initially thought she was dead — but realized Wanda Palmer was still breathing. She sustained severe head injuries in the attack. The wound suggests a knife or ax attack. The murder weapon was never found, and there were no video recordings or eyewitnesses. That’s why investigators stumbled around in the dark for two years.

But now, after waking up from the coma, the victim was able to identify the perpetrator: according to the police, Wanda Palmer still could not speak complete sentences, but she could clearly answer “yes” and “no”. So she named her 55-year-old brother Daniel as the attacker. He was arrested and a case of attempted murder was registered.

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