“Lawbreakers” studio Boss Key Productions made an announcement on Monday about its plans to reveal its second title: a free-to-play battle royale game. “Radical Heights” that goes live on Steam as an early-access title, is defined as a last-person-standing shooter with an ’80s aesthetic and game-show twist.

Zach Lowery, “Radical Heights” creative director, told in a statement that this is a five-month passion project for the studio as they are creating and publishing the game entirely by themselves. He further added that they are huge fans of Battle Royale games along with the bright, inviting irreverence of the ’80s aesthetic and due to that, they want to put their own spin on the genre and create a futuristic ’80s world that takes place in 2023 during an over-the-top game show where the contestants battle it out for prizes and fame.

The consequence looks to be a game, which leads into the deadly game-show conceit made popular with movies such as “Running Man” where the players battle to the death for fabulous cash and prizes. In accordance with the press release, the in-game cash even carries over between the matches. The official trailer of the game displays the ability to deposit and withdraw in-game cash in between the matches, riding all-around and performing the stunts on the colorful BMX bikes, the shootouts in the arcades, and the “game show moments.”

As told by a spokesperson, the “Game Show Moments” occur at random at the time of each match in a dynamic fashion, with much more to be introduced as the game goes on development in Early Access. In accordance with the spokesperson, when the game would launch tomorrow, it would have things including- Cash Grab, where in-game cash would drop from the sky in an open area for a stipulated time; Mystery Door, where random mystery doors are seen in the game world and the players need to stand over the plate at the door and wait till it opens, unvealing a random loot; Spin Wheel, where spin wheels would randomly fall from the sky and the players would need to interact with the wheels and try timing their selection.

The game seems to heavily lean on personal customization, letting the players buy a range of odd stuff such as- confetti bombs, workout trampolines, inflatable decoys, and clothing and weapons that range from parachute pants to pink fishnet gloves.

Lead by Cliff Bleszinski, the former Epic Games design director, the team at Boss Key Productions, said that they have plans to work with the players to continue shaping the game with ongoing patches, content updates, and even letting the community guide the development decisions. As told by a spokesperson, a huge part of the studio is functioning in this new game.

While it is titled free-to-play, and the team ensures that there would not be any gameplay-altering microtransactions, the players could buy a Founder’s Pack for 14.99 dollars that include bonuses and exclusive items.