Lavrov Announces Plans to Dismantle Ukraine – Expert Sees “Uncertain” Signs in Russia

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Russia has now acknowledged the attack on Odessa. At the same time, Foreign Minister Lavrov threatened Zelensky. News ticker on negotiations and sanctions.

Updated as of July 25, 2:40 pm: Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Lavrov on Sunday bluntly accused Ukraine of coup plots against Prime Minister-elect Volodymyr Zelenskyj – thus rejecting the Kremlin’s previous line. German geopolitical expert Maximilian Terhalle does not see this as a surprise. But a possible sign of “uncertainty” in Russia.

No one should be surprised by the announcement, Derhall explained in an interview with TV station Welt. Lavrov “is only paying lip service to what he has been doing for the last five months”: Russia’s goal is to subjugate Ukraine, insist that Kiev become Russian, political scientist and Bundeswehr reservist.

“But what you can read here is a certain uncertainty,” he added. “The setbacks for the Russians are not trivial, so I’ll read a bit into what Lavrov said here as a self-assurance to the Arab nations: ‘Let’s all do what we’ve been trying to achieve for the past five months. Case’.”

Updated July 25, 9:25 am: As arms transfers to Ukraine have stalled, the FDP is now openly considering a direct supply of German tanks. More on that in our new News Ticker on Ukraine War Negotiations and Sanctions.

Lavrov Threat: Putin’s Minister Announces Plan to Overthrow Ukraine

Updated as of July 24, 7:06 p.m.: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has now spoken openly about Russian plans for a coup in Ukraine. “We are certainly helping the Ukrainian people to free themselves from a regime that is completely hostile to the people and history,” Lavrov said in Cairo on Sunday. Russian and Ukrainian people will live together no longer.

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Over the past few days, the Russian leadership has publicly tightened its stance on the war in Ukraine. On Wednesday, Lavrov threatened to invade other areas outside the Donbass. Given Western arms supplies and their long distances, it is necessary to further push Kiev troops away from Donetsk and Luhansk regions in eastern Ukraine, which Moscow has recognized as independent.

With his announcement, Lavrov contradicts his own statements from April. “We have no intention of regime change in Ukraine,” the Russian ambassador said in an interview to India Today TV. Lavrov then promised that Ukrainians should decide under which leadership they want to live.

Ukraine, meanwhile, remains optimistic about military developments: Kherson Oblast wants to retake the country by September; Public servants said It also reported a “chaotic” withdrawal of Russian troops in the area on Sunday. This account could not be independently verified.

Sergey Lavrov (Official Press Photo June 2022) © Photobook/Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs/AFP

Updated as of July 24, 5:00 PM: Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has openly pledged to resupply Egypt with agreed grain supplies. Moscow has confirmed the “commitment of Russian exporters of grain products” to “fulfil all their obligations”, Lavrov said after talks with his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shukri in Cairo.

President Vladimir Putin Lavrov added that he “also underlined this” in a phone conversation with his Egyptian counterpart, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. The top diplomat also said that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had taken responsibility for “removing illegal restrictions on Russian logistics and financial services”.

The credibility of Russian commitments was earlier Due to the attack on the Ukrainian port city of Odessa Doubts raised. On Saturday, Ukraine announced Russian shelling of Odesa, the largest city and main port on Ukraine’s Black Sea coast. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russia of not always sticking to agreements.

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US ‘seriously considering’ designating Russia as state sponsor of terrorism

Updated from July 24, 2:27 pm: The US is “seriously considering” designating Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. Bridget Brink, US ambassador in Kyiv, said this Independence of Kiev. In the US, Congressional spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi recently asked Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to take this step. This was reported by the American portal Politics. According to Brink, the move must first be carefully examined from a legal perspective.

Adding Russia to this list would give the US political cover to further increase economic pressure on Russia. There are currently four countries on the list: Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria.

Odessa port attack: Russia says it destroyed US weapons in Ukraine

Updated from July 24, 12:13 pm: Meanwhile, the Kremlin has officially claimed responsibility for the attack on the port of Odessa: according to the Defense Ministry in Moscow, rockets were fired at a ship repair plant. A Ukrainian warship and a warehouse of US-supplied Harpoon missiles were destroyed at the dock, sources said.

Ukraine has inflicted heavy blows on the Russian Navy with such missiles. In addition, as a result of the attacks, the facilities for the repair and modernization of ship cargo of the Ukrainian naval forces were closed. The Russian Foreign Ministry previously acknowledged the attacks on Odessa.

Russia returns to Odessa attack: Lavrov’s spokesman suddenly tells a different story

Updated as of July 24, 10:23 am: Russia’s U-Turn Around Odessa Attack After yesterday’s denial, the Kremlin has now admitted a rocket attack on the port city – at least on a larger scale. According to Russian reports, “military infrastructure” was allegedly destroyed on the coast of Odessa. This was announced by the spokeswoman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova via Telegram. Accordingly, the “military infrastructure” of the port of Odessa was destroyed by “Caliber missiles” and a warship was attacked.

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Ukraine, on the other hand, reports that port facilities are affected. The information cannot be independently verified at this time.

“Russian barbarism”: Odessa attack shocks Ukraine – Russia doesn’t want to take responsibility

Report from July 24: The situation in the Odessa-Ukraine war is getting worse. After back-and-forth, a deal was reached Saturday after Russia and Ukraine finally agreed Friday on a grain deal aimed at regulating the safe export of Ukrainian grain by sea. Rocket attack on the port city of Odessa.

Although Odesa can no longer be attacked along with other ports under the agreement, two Russian missiles reportedly hit the city on Saturday. Two more air-to-air missiles were reportedly successfully intercepted by the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces.

Attack on Odesa: Russia denies blame for attack

The port of Odessa is considered the largest Ukrainian port and one of the largest ports on the Black Sea.  (Archive image from 2020)
The port of Odessa is considered the largest Ukrainian port and one of the largest ports on the Black Sea. (Archive image from 2020) © dpa

According to Turkey, Russia has not yet claimed responsibility for the attack on Odessa. Turkey stands by Ukraine and Russia Relatedly, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Agar said on Saturday that Moscow had assured that it had nothing to do with the attack and wanted to investigate the incident. According to Akar, representatives of the UN, Ukraine and Russia are already working with Turkey on a joint coordination center. It was agreed on Friday to establish such a center in Istanbul to monitor grain exports.

“We are concerned that such an incident has happened so soon after the grain supply agreement we signed yesterday,” Agar said.

Attack on Odessa: Zelensky describes attack as “Russian barbarism”.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyj It condemned the rocket attacks as “blatant Russian barbarism”. The head of state said in his video message released on Saturday evening that another reason for supplying Ukraine with weapons “necessary for our victory” is the truncheons.

Although Russia continues to deny responsibility for the attack, Zelenskyy said Russia’s rocket attacks left him politically exposed. “If anyone in the world had previously said that it was necessary to hold talks with Russia, to reach a cease-fire agreement, without liberating our territory from the aggressors, today’s missiles have destroyed the possibility of such statements,” he said.

Attack on Odessa: US govt condemns shelling, blames Russia

The US government blamed Russia for the shelling of Odessa and strongly condemned the attack. “This attack raises serious doubts about the credibility of Russia’s commitment to yesterday’s agreement,” US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on Saturday (local time).

Blinken criticized the shelling as undermining the work of the United Nations, Turkey and the United Nations. UkraineBringing essential food products to global markets. Russia is responsible for worsening the global food crisis. Moscow has ratified the grain export agreement and is now obligated to fully implement it. (dpa/le)

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