WhatsApp serves over a billion user right at this moment. The latest iPhone X houses some new useful features that were unknown to the users before. So we have compiled a list of WhatsApp tips and tricks for iPhone X users which they can check.

1. The Bluetick Feature:

The blue tick feature of the WhatsApp confirmed the sender whether the receiver has read the file. Not everyone wants the sender to know that they have received the message. To deal with this issue, iPhone X has the liberty of manipulating this option. To turn off the blue ticks, you can simply go to the settings menu and then to the account. Here you can see a privacy option where you can check the turn off Read Receipts. The only issue with this option is you won’t see the blue ticks when you send a message to other people as well.

2. Measure the loyalty:

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature where you can measure the loyalty of your best friends by checking out the amount of data you have shared. You also have the option of deleting data in a mass, if you think these stuff are taking too much of your space. You can avail this option by heading to the settings followed by data and storage usage. Here in the storage usage section, you can see a list of important groups and contacts that are listed according to the data you have shared with them.

3. Group chat messages:

The blue tick in a group chat can only be visible when each member of your group has seen the message but when you hold down the message and swipe left in the iPhone X, and select the info option, you can see each person and the specific time he/she has seen the message, thereby getting an info about who is ignoring your messages and who isn’t.

4. Hidden Profile Picture:

You can choose with whom you want to share your profile pic or opt for hiding the same completely by going to the settings option followed by Privacy and then profile photo. Here you can choose nobody as viewers which will make your profile pic invisible to everyone.

5. Mute Group Chats:

You can prevent to see the instant messages from the group you are in to avoid any disturbance during important work by opting for a mute chat option. Here you can choose to opt out from notifications for eight hours, one week or even one year.

6. Shortcut to Conversation:

You can easily create shortcuts to your preferred chats and have them live on your home screen, especially if you chat with some of them in a frequent manner.

7. Find out the actual location of your friend or spouse:

You can easily tell if a location is true or just picked up from a map by the way it appears on the chat. If the location is genuine, it will appear as a pin but a map picked address will appear with full address.

We hope these tips for WhatsApp on iPhone X will help you out in using the app in a more efficient way.