Samsung is back to mocking the iPhone, with a new ad finding fault with the top notch on the latest iPhone X. And Samsung’s way of doing it is hilarious too given that it features men with a unique top notch haircut standing in a queue to buy the new iPhone X.

The said notch at the top of the iPhone X display houses a host of sensors that supports Face ID, which in turn is one of the most iconic features of the iPhone X. The display of the iPhone X also happens to be the most unique it has ever been on any smartphone ever – including those from rivals – given that it stretches from end to end with zero bezels all round.

However, the latest Samsung ad would like us to believe it’s Galaxy line of flagships in general and the Note 8 in particular is always a step ahead, as has always been over the generations of iPhone. That again is quite true when compared specs for specs though the real life implementations can often paint a different picture.

Take for instance the iris scanner on the Galaxy S8 duo which has been found quite easy to deceive. Not so with the Face ID that Apple promises is several times more secure than fingerprint sensors. Of course the iPhone X has just started to ship and the first thorough evaluation of the Face ID could still be weeks away. The now ubiquitous fingerprint sensor meanwhile forms the primary means of authenticating valid users. Further, iris scanner can’t exactly be compared directly with the Face ID since the latter makes for a far more advanced biometric mode of user authentication.

Coming back to Samsung’s ad strategy, it has over the years targeted specific features which truly has been lacking on the iPhone devices. Be it the puny 4-inch displays of the iPhone 5S or the lack of wireless charging and water proofing, features that has become common among Android flagships since the last several years.

Samsung has used these ads to show how Apple has always been playing catch up with it subsequent iPhone devices. In fact, the iPhone X happens to be the first to support wireless charging or featuring an OLED panel. Needless to say, such features have been the staple on all competing devices for several years now.

Apple though is yet to respond to the latest ad, and isn’t likely to be too perturbed either. As has been the Apple policy for years now, it isn’t in the race to launch a tech first among its competitors, but would rather launch it when it is proven and matured enough.