Microsoft’s much-awaited Xbox One X, codenamed as ‘Project Scorpio’ has marked a semi-official debut as the latest leak suggested it to hit the market this weekend at Gamescom. According to the recently leaked details, Microsoft seems to adopt a new day to sell its one edition of the console which hangs onto its working title. The new listings, which were uploaded on the websites of two German retailers, both which has now been removed Microsoft plans to launch a surprise version of its popular gaming console – the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition.

The listings were live on the websites of two German game retailers – Saturn and MediaMarkt (via Xbox Dynasty and The Verge) and were first spotted by While both of the listings have been eliminated from the sites, we still can see the leaked pictures of the surprising, limited edition of the Xbox One X, bearing its original code name – Project Scorpio. Though Microsoft has yet not declared about any special or surprise console of its Project Scorpio, the latest leaks have already started taking the market by storm.

As it seems, the surprising and limited version of the Project Scorpio will pay honor to the original code name of Xbox One X by labeling the Scorpio logo on the front part of the controller and the device. As the leaks suggested, the limited edition of the Project Scorpio will feature a 1TB hard drive alongside the label “Project Scorpio” on both the controller and the console. Moreover, there will also be a little bit cosmetic difference as the hardware in the Project Scorpio Edition also looks like to get a bespoke paint job where the controller will be featured with bombed-out, all-black coloured design, and the console will be designed with a subtle stippled texture that the regular version seems to want for.

The Xbox One X, which was earlier codenamed as Project Scorpio, was officially introduced during the E3 2017 conference, held in June this year. The game is the first 4K games console of Microsoft and is capable of running on the ultra-high definition resolutions at up to 60fps. This weekend, Microsoft is hosting an Xbox @ Gamescom Live broadcast at Gamescom, where the game console is expected to mark its debut, and we are likely to get more details about the this hyped console as well as its surprise special edition.

If you remember, when Microsoft launched the Xbox One, there was also a limited “Day One” edition for that console which means, the possibility of the Project Scorpio to have an exclusive and limited edition can’t be denied entirely. However, comments from Microsoft on this matter are yet awaited.