Kristen Stewart poses on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine at the Berlin Film Festival

Kristen Stewart defended Her last Rolling Stone Cover shoot She rejected the controversy over the photos on Sunday at the Berlin Film Festival, where her new film was shown Love lies bleeding Checked it.

“Having a female body force any kind of sexuality on you that isn't designed exclusively for straight males is something that people are uncomfortable with and so I'm really happy about it,” Stewart said of the photos accompanying our cover story. (via Hollywood Reporter).

“It's okay to take different photos and mix them in a way that people aren't used to and don't want to go to, and that's okay, too.”

There was, predictably, a right-wing meltdown over the images after the cover was revealed earlier this week, with both Stewart and Rolling Stone He is accused of promoting “queer and non-binary ideology.”


At the Berlin Film Festival, Stewart stood by the photos taken by Collier Schorr and rejected the uproar they caused in those right-wing circles. “In fact, it's so widespread and so ubiquitous that it's being denied and it's crazy that there aren't more pictures like this,” Stewart said. “I loved the opportunity.”

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She added: “The era of queer films, which were clearly limited to that, has ended. Implemented. Maybe it will happen, but I think things are evolving and moving forward. It's so ingrained in how we all move forward. “It's not about making[films]about why they're marginalized, but about people's actual experiences, what they like, what their desires are, where they come from, where they want to go, and yeah, not feeling like you always have to stand on the fucking podium and be the spokesperson for everybody.”

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