Klondike discontinued Choco Taco after nearly 4 decades in the market

Klondike Choco Taco Processing of ice cream has been discontinued after it has been available to customers for nearly 40 years, according to the company.

A representative of the Klondike owned by him parent company Unilever, He said the treatment was discontinued in July due to increased demand over the past two years for other Klondike products.

“Unfortunately, Choco Taco production in both 1 carat and 4 carat packages has been discontinued,” Klondike wrote on Twitter in response to a user requesting confirmation of the news.

“Over the past two years, we have seen an unprecedented rise in demand across our portfolio and have had to make very difficult decisions to ensure that our entire portfolio is available nationwide,” the company continued.

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Klondike announced that production of Choco Taco has been discontinued. (@klondikebar / Instagram)

In response to another user disappointed about the discontinuation of the product, Klondike urged customers to try their other variants.

“A necessary but unfortunate part of this process is that sometimes we have to cut back on produce, even beloved items like Choco Taco. We know this can be very frustrating, and we hope you try our other delicious frozen desserts!” The company wrote.

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In response to another Twitter user, Klondike wrote, “We know Choco Taco is a fan favorite and a big seller for our out-of-home business, so this is especially painful. We’re working hard to find a way to bring Choco Taco back to ice cream trucks in the coming years.”

choco taco ho frozen treat It consists of a taco-shaped waffle cone filled with vanilla ice cream and partially covered in milk chocolate and covered with peanuts.

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Taco Bell ad featuring Choco Taco Klondike

Previously sold at Taco Bell, Choco Taco saw the fast food chain’s menu return for a limited time earlier this year to celebrate 100 years of the Klondike. (Instagram)

Jack and Jill Ice Cream employee Alan Drazen came up with the idea for Choco Taco in 1983. The product was only distributed to ice cream trucks until 1993, before Unilever bought the company. Then the name was changed from Jack and Jill to Klondike.

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The dessert was shaped like a taco Sold at Taco Bell At one point, but the product was dropped from the menu in 2015. Taco Bell partnered with Klondike in February to bring Choco Taco back to 20 fast food restaurants for a limited time to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Klondike.

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