King Charles news: Camilla gives pair health update as Harry wins Mirror payout

Quinn says King is doing “very well” under the circumstances

The Queen provided a health update on the monarch, as Prince Harry's lawyer announced he had settled the remainder of his phone hacking claim against the Mirror's publisher.

The Duke of Sussex has been awarded “substantial damages” in his case against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN), which includes an interim payment to cover £400,000 costs, barrister David Sherborne said.

Harry, 39, vowed that his “mission continues” amid ongoing legal battles against popular media in the United Kingdom.

The settlement comes shortly after the Duke gave a speech at an event in the United States, peppering it with a number of jokes but not mentioning his father, who revealed on Monday that he had been diagnosed with cancer.

Meanwhile, Camilla told well-wishers that Charles was “doing very well under the circumstances” as she celebrated the charities' work at Salisbury Cathedral on Thursday evening in her first public engagement since her husband's health was announced.

Following the news, Harry rushed to the UK to reunite with his father – but he reportedly spent less than an hour with the 75-year-old royal before returning to his home in California the next day, where he had no contact with his estranged brother, Prince William. .


Piers Morgan responds to Harry in response to criticism

Piers Morgan has issued a response to the Duke of Sussex, who criticized the former Daily Mirror editor after settling the remaining parts of a phone hacking lawsuit against the newspaper's publisher.

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The William's Earthshot Awards will be held in Cape Town

The Prince of Wales' 2024 Earthshot Awards will be held in South Africa, raising the possibility of a royal visit to the country.

William is the driving force behind the annual eco-competition and has attended all the presentation events since the launch of the initiative, when the latest host city, Cape Town, was announced.

Singapore held its most recent awards ceremony last November, after award events were held in Boston in 2022 and Alexandra Palace in London in 2021.

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WATCH: Harry's lawyer reads statement after Mirror Group phone hacking lawsuit settled

Prince Harry's lawyer reads a statement after the Mirror Group phone hacking lawsuit was settled

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Recap: Piers Morgan's scathing response to Harry's December phone hacking victory

Morgan said in a statement that he had never hacked a phone or asked anyone to do so, before launching attacks on Prince Harry, royal author Omid Scobie and former Labor doctor Alistair Campbell.

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Harry vows his “mission continues” as he continues his legal battles against the tabloid media

The Duke of Sussex said “our mission continues” after a phone hacking claim against the publisher of the Daily Mirror was settled.

Reading a statement from the duke, Harry's lawyer, David Sherborne, said: “As I said last December, our mission continues.

“I believe in the positive change it will bring to all of us.

The Duke of Sussex (left) with his lawyer David Sherborne, leaving the Rolls Buildings in central London after giving evidence in the phone hacking trial against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) last year

(Palestinian Authority Archives)

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“King Charles gave a voice to all cancer patients.”

After a somewhat public reckoning with advanced-stage prostate cancer forcing me to miss Duran's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in November 2022, my good friend, music executive Merc Mercuriadis, said to me: “Try not to try it.” Worry not, you'll feel differently once it's out in the open, your world won't seem like such an isolated place, people actually care. He was right.

I clearly remember that day – five and a half years ago – when I received the results of the biopsy. The news wasn't good: within a millisecond our world was turned upside down, just as it had been when my father first told me about his cancer diagnosis. I could barely speak and he died at the age of 67 in 2005.

In a moving letter, Andy Taylor reflects:

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The Duke of Sussex criticizes Piers Morgan after reaching settlement with MGN

The Duke of Sussex has criticized Piers Morgan's “continued attacks” against him after he reached a settlement with Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN).

In a statement read by his lawyer David Sherborne outside the High Court, Harry said: “In light of this, we once again call on the authorities to uphold the rule of law and demonstrate that no one is above it.”

“This includes Mr. Morgan, who, as editor, knew very well what was happening,” the judge said.

“His contempt for the court’s ruling and his continued attacks since then demonstrate why it is so important to obtain a clear and detailed ruling.”

The Duke of Sussex's lawyer, David Sherborne speaks to the media outside the Rolls Building in central London

(Palestinian Authority)

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Prince Harry criticizes Daily Mirror's 'shockingly dishonest' behaviour

The Duke of Sussex said his case exposed the “shockingly dishonest way” the Daily Mirror had behaved “for many years”, after settling the remaining parts of a phone hacking claim against the newspaper's publisher.

Speaking outside the High Court, Harry's lawyer David Sherborne read out a statement from the Duke: “Following our victory in December, the Mirror Group has finally conceded the remainder of my claim which would have consisted of two further trials, additional evidence and an additional 115 articles.” .

“Everything we said was happening at Mirror Group was actually happening, and much worse, as the court ruled in a most devastating ruling.

“As the judge said just this morning, we have exposed and proven the shockingly dishonest way in which the Mirror conducted itself for many years, and then sought to hide the truth.”

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What is Sandringham? As King recovers after cancer treatment

After receiving his first treatment for cancer, King Charles III stayed at Sandringham House, which is located along the North Sea coast in eastern England.

Earlier this week, the king was flown by helicopter to Sandringham, after he appeared in good spirits, smiling and waving to the gathered crowds as he left Clarence House in central London. It is understood he took a helicopter with his wife, Queen Camilla, from Buckingham Palace.

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WATCH LIVE: Prince Harry's lawyer is expected to make a statement after the MGN claim is settled

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