Kim Kardashian breaks up with Kanye West on The Kardashians

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Kim Kardashian is letting out her true feelings for ex-husband Kanye West on the new season of Hulu Kardashians.

In the season 3 premiere, which dropped today, Kardashian got real about her emotional anguish over the rapper, especially after their divorce, during a tearful conversation with her mom, Kris Jenner. She also discusses her frustrations with West’s often erratic behavior online, and how her efforts to protect their children conflict with her desires to speak her truth about her ex-husband.

“I spent my whole morning having an anxiety attack,” a tearful Kardashian tells Jenner. “I felt like I couldn’t breathe all day. You know when you’re about to cry and your throat is about to cry? That’s how I felt all day.”

Kardashian adds that she finds it unfair the way West reveals so many of his family’s private affairs to the public while offloading his private grievances, when she has always spoken positively about him in public.

“Sometimes Kanye will say to me, ‘Can I get approved of what you say about me on your show?'” And I’ll be like, ‘Well, you just talked about me in this song, this song, this interview, this interview, and you didn’t ask my permission.'”

“Even through all the craziness of things Kanye says about us, like, I never comment, I never post,” she adds. “I have to sit here and not say anything at all because I know one day my kids will appreciate it and I know it’s the best thing for them.”

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The SKIMS Foundation adds that she’s been particularly careful about the way West speaks to their four children — North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm — having consistently done her best to paint him in a positive light.

“And by the way, I’m the one who can get my shit down and get in the car and every day the kids want to blast Daddy’s music,” Jenner said. “I’m like, ‘He’s the best!'” Yes!’ And I put it on and we sing together and inside I’m like death because I’ll be his biggest fan forever and one day they’ll see for themselves and I’ll answer whatever they want from me.”

Kardashian also tells her mom about the false “protector” persona that West puts on. She says, “The person who did the interviews saying they were the ‘forever protector’ hurts me the most.

“I never say a bad thing,” Kardashian continues. “I never say something negative. If I say, ‘I’m exhausted,’ I feel guilty about it. I’m so exhausted.”

“For once, can everyone get their shit together?” she asks emphatically, while holding back tears. “So I can only lose her once? I want to lose her once. I want to have a bad day and I can’t.”

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