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Giga Moderator Demonstrating with Israel Haters

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As moderator of the “Giga Tree House”, he has to put hundreds of thousands of young children in the mood at night, imparting knowledge and values ​​to them – but in his free time Matondo Costlo (28) participates. At an anti-Israel youth festival in Farqa (West Bank).

Particularly explosive: Costlo protested against settlements in the West Bank as part of Tuesday’s festival — “out of solidarity,” as he put it on Instagram. On his side: extreme stone throwers.

This is evidenced, among others, by a photo of self-proclaimed communist Nicole Schondorfer. He went to the West Bank for the Farga Festival and was there with Costello. One of her Instagram stories from the demo shows at least one of the men in front of her holding a rock behind her back. Other participants are masked.

At least one protester has stones behind his back

Photo: Nicole.schoen/Instagram

According to organizers, the festival will include “volunteer work, political debates, workshops on the Palestinian liberation struggle” and a “political tour” in the earlier days. Content: Clearly anti-Israel.

This is shown by the report of festival participant Kerem Schamberger, which he published on the blog “”. Shamberger is considered a sympathizer of the anti-Semitic BDS movement. About his visit to Nazareth, he writes in “”: “His group was greeted by militant youth”: “When they introduce themselves, everyone without exception says, ‘I come from Palestine,’ even though Nazareth is in Israel, their 48- Only referred to as the area, i.e. the country occupied in 1948.

The one area where Israel’s right to exist is completely outright rejected – without interrupting or classifying Shamberger’s statements. In addition, Shamberger describes the wall from Israel to the West Bank as an “apartheid wall” in his speech.

Accusations of apartheid are widespread among Israel’s enemies. Originally, it was used to describe the former system in South Africa: the state-organized discrimination and devaluing of people because of the color of their skin. Is Israel an apartheid country? a lie

The truth is: Arab and Muslim Israelis are represented in all areas of society in Jerusalem, including the current government, military, police, media, professional sports and cultural sector. In February, Salat Kaboub became the first Muslim permanent member of Israel’s Supreme Court — unthinkable in the apartheid country.

Madondo Costlo (28, right) with Kerem Shamberger (left) and Nicole Schöndorfer (3rd from right) at the Farga ceremony.

Madondo Costlo (28, right) with Kerem Shamberger (left) and Nicole Schöndorfer (3rd from right) at the Farga ceremony.

Photo: @KeremSchamberg/twitter

Apparently, Costello wasn’t bothered by the festival’s content: Shamberger shared a selfie with him and other festival attendees on his Twitter account. Costello smiles happily at the camera.

The Farqa festival is organized by the Marxist “Palestinian People’s Party”, which has been against Israel and glorifies terrorists for decades.

When asked about the build, KiKa said it wanted to look into the matter “carefully”. We take allegations seriously. The broadcaster recognized Kaslow as “always focused on the well-being of children and has clearly positioned herself against hate and violence in her work as a coach, musician and educator.”

The broadcaster continues: “Giga is an offering for all children, which expresses democratic values, provides orientation and stands for children and human rights.”

The KiKa Moderator also offers workshops for youth.

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