Mobile phones aren’t that safe after all if a recent study conducted by researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai are to be believed. And it is the children and teenagers that seem to be at the biggest risk, with them having 400 percent greater chance of acquiring brain cancer when exposed to smartphones for longer durations.

Professor Girish Kumar who led the research shared the above warning while speaking on the topic ‘Hazards of Cell Phones’ at the Aligarh Muslim University. Professor Kumar said smartphone users should limit their usage of the device to no more than 30 mins per day, claiming that the radiations emitted from the device is the reason that made smartphone potentially so dangerous.

However, the fact that the kids and teens have thinner skull is what made them more susceptible to the dangers smartphone radiation. This made them to absorb most of the radiation, thereby increasing their chances of acquiring cancer of the brain manifold.

Prof Kumar further stated excessive use of the smartphone can also be linked to several other ailments, such as irreparable damage to the male fertility. Among the other ways, smartphone radiations can adversely affect our health is by causing neurodegenerative disorders, besides impacting our sleep pattern as well. In fact, going by what Prof Kumar had to say, radiations from mobiles can also be linked to Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease as well.

It is not only the human beings but the scientist has the similar ominous warning for the entire environment as well, which include grave consequences for both the plant and animal life.

Hailing from the Electrical Engineering Department of IIT Mumbai, Prof Kumar stated his aim is to educate the society of the dangers posed by mobile phone radiations. Towards that, the scientist has also submitted a report to the central government on the same though there is no word yet if any health advisory or restrictions have been issued as such.