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HomesportKeeler Murray: It's not all that bullshit I'm talking about

Keeler Murray: It’s not all that bullshit I’m talking about


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Cardinals quarterback Keeler Murray He caused a stir last week when he deleted all of the Cardinals’ references from his social media accounts.

But after a report from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen on Super Bowl Sunday with an anonymous source describing the quarterback as “Selfish, immature, and [a] finger pointerMurray responded with a short statement on social media.

On both Instagram and Twitter, Murray posted a photo of himself standing on the sidelines dressed as the Cardinals, ostensibly during pre-match. His statement stated:

“I play this game for the love of her, my teammates, and everyone who helped me get to that position who believed in me and win trophies. It’s all nonsense. Not what I’m aboutIt never was, and never will be. Anyone who has ever straddled these lines with me knows how difficult it can be.

“Love me or hate me but I will continue to grow and improve.”

It’s unclear exactly what Murray means by “nonsense.” After all, this became the story of last week when he actively started making changes to his social media accounts.

After the ESPN report was released on Sunday, the Cardinals released a statement saying, in part, “Nothing has changed regarding our opinion and respect for Keeler Murray.”

First overall pick for the 2019 draft, Murray is now eligible for a contract extension. The Cardinals also must decide whether to choose Murray’s fifth-year option this spring.

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