Justin Timberlake's new album is a classic say 1500 or Nothin' by Larence Dobson


Rance 1500 or nothing

Timberlake is coming in hot

The new album will change music!!!

Justin TimberlakeThe return of music will put him back in the running…at least, that's his producer's prediction Larence Dobson Fans want to stamp!

TMZ Hip Hop spoke with the “1500 Or Nothing” maestro on Wednesday in Los Angeles, where he excitedly talked about JT's new album, a project he heard live — because he worked on it with him Timbaland!!!

Last year, JT blessed the 1500 or Nothin' Music Academy With scholarship money And their partnership was dipped in bronze…creating the album.


We gave you the scoop last week… JT is It is set for release His upcoming sixth studio album is titled “Everything I Thought I Was” after collecting all the labels – and Rance promises he will blow up the game again with the album.

JT officially kicked off the project on Friday with lead single “Selfish” — which was met with somewhat mixed reviews online… but fans were loving the live performance during his homecoming concert in Memphis last week. It may just be a grower, not an instant shower.


Rance also had time to stick it out Drake after Yassin Bey (Also known as Mos Def) fired him from the b-boy rap department, declaring that his music was too happy to be classified as authentic hip-hop.

Cutting room floor

Later in all the rap talk, according to Rance, who says Drake uses fewer words than even the most skilled MCs and still commands a sizeable audience.

TMZ Studios

He says it's a special skill to have because the formula is untouchable, and in his book… Drake is hip-hop a million times!!!

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