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Jim Kramer says these two airline stocks are the most profitable


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CNBC’s Jim Kramer on Monday offered two airline stocks he believes investors should pick for their portfolios.

“There’s always a bull market somewhere and right now it’s flying at 30,000 feet. The favorite is the most profitable, and that’s [Delta Air Lines] And [Alaska Air Group]. Just remember to ring the log gradually on the way, because remember, these are airlines. They tend to be a very thriving and bustling industry,mad money‘ said the host.

Delta shares fell 0.96% on Monday while Alaska shares fell 0.19%.

delta Said earlier this month It expects unit revenue to increase in the second quarter compared to what it was before the pandemic three years ago. The company also expects overall sales to recover up to 97% of 2019 levels

CEO Ed Bastian said oncroak box“Following the company’s latest quarterly results, the airline posted its highest-ever monthly sales in terms of bookings in March and that trend continues through April.

“I’m still dumbfounded,” Kramer said of Bastian’s comments.

Alaska sets a sales record in March but trimmed Its schedule is 2% until the end of June due to a shortage of pilots.

“Although it is not one of the big companies, it is very well run, with a much higher mix of leisure travelers than business travelers,” Kramer said.

“The only problem with this stock is that everyone knows that Alaska Air is one of the strongest players in the industry, which makes it hard for them to deliver a bullish surprise. That’s why the stock is actually down a few dollars from where it was trading by the quarter.”

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Cramer said that while there is a bull market in airlines, there are a few companies that equity investors should avoid.

“I will stay away from companies participating in Bidding war to Spirit Airlines – This Jet BlueBorders and the soul itself.

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