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Jets QB Aaron Rodgers (Achilles) is unlikely to play this year despite a positive week


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If the Jets are eliminated from the playoffs, Rodgers is not expected to play, sources say. Not a surprise, but that’s where you stand. New York is 4-7 and its playoff chances are hanging by a thread. A loss today would make the climb more difficult. Rodgers has generally targeted a Dec. 24 game against the Washington Commanders as his potential return date, but if the Jets are out of it by then, don’t expect a return.

Rodgers hinted at this this week, saying it would be dangerous for him to play when he’s not 100% healthy. “If we get out of it, I would be surprised if they agree to come back,” he told reporters. actually.

Sources say there’s a chance Rodgers can be activated this season, putting him back on the 53-man roster. But even then, if the team gets out of this, he won’t play. He may, for example, be a third-string midfielder who is only used in emergency situations, which helps him stay connected and involved. None have been used this season.

Having Rodgers on the practice field 77 days after surgery was a huge win. As he pointed out this week, “As of September 12, my goal was to get back on the training field and try to play.” He made this.

Sources say he’s not doing himself any further harm by being in the training environment, and there’s no point in slowing him down. The most common risk is that the Achilles tendon will be surgically repaired in response to unexpected movement or trauma, and that won’t happen until all limbs are on the road.

If Gates is somehow still alive in late December, and there is a decision to be made, much of it will depend on how he protects himself from the unexpected and unexpected. Until then, 11 weeks later, it’s all positive.

What Rodgers is doing is unprecedented, based on conversations with those who study athlete recovery. To be with this mobile phone less than three months after surgery is wild. The Jets noticed everyone’s reaction to him doing that, which was a rebound for the team.

Those close to Rodgers say he feels a responsibility and obligation to return to the team after he helped shape it this season before suffering injury too early. Those with the Jets feel Rodgers has shown real leadership.

It’s all part of the reason why no one wants to stop or slow him down – as long as he’s not in additional danger.

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