Jada Pinkett Smith talks about loving her bald head days before the Oscars

Less than a week before her husband Will Smith slapped Oscar presenter Chris Rock He joked about his wife’s shaved head, actress and host of Red Table Talk Post a video on TikTok He details her hair experience in Hollywood.
Pinkett Smith, who was openness to her hair loss due to alopecia, She said she doesn’t “give two litters what people think of my bald head.”

captioned ‘Crown Act Be proud of your crown #iamnotmyhair #hairjourney’, the video begins with Pinkett Smith recounting how she felt some ‘definite remorse’ and saying ‘Being a black woman and dealing with hair in Hollywood, in this age I’ve come, it was the look of your hair’ European as possible is always the thing.”

“It was really challenging, you know, because I loved my unruly, curly hair,” she said. “But nobody wants that.”

Instead, the “Matrix” star said she’ll have to style her hair in ways that don’t “feel natural” because she’s “trying to play the game” in Hollywood.

For magazine covers, it’s often a request from Pinkett Smith to have her hair “slick and flowy” which “wasn’t really what my hair likes to do.”

“So I had to learn how to have the courage to go, ‘No, I don’t,’” she said. “And that’s why I feel so free today—I don’t give two shit what people think of my bald head. Because guess what? I love him.”

Monday her husband I apologize to Roc to hit him.
The Crown Act, which stands for “creating a respectable and open world for natural hair,” prohibits discrimination on the basis of race that includes natural hairstyles. He. She Recently passed the American House.

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