Pokemon Go has quests now. They are not much but just small daily objectives that ask the players to hatch an egg, catch certain Pokémon, fight at gyms, or fulfill other tasks. Some just give the players a small one-off bonus and the others are a part of a larger storyline to catch the Mythic Pokemon Mew. However, all of them extend that little bit of structure that players need to push themselves from a moment of the gameplay to the next. The complete lack of structure in the early game was as to why so many people got bored and ended playing, and all that it takes is a little bit to give players the push they need to keep at it. The advantage of Pokémon GO has been always that it is fun to play, in a basic manner. It is fun to get outside and catch little Pokémon. It was not enough to keep players playing at the starting, but it is enough that all a player needs is some very basic elements of game design to remind him why he liked it in the first place.

If players have not played for a longer time, they would notice a bunch of other additions, as well, not the least of which is a ton of new Pokémon. There is a weather system currently that reads the real weather in the player’s area and changes Pokémon spawns on the basis of it. There is a Raid system that allows the player fight high-level creatures along with the other people, giving the game its only taste of real multiplayer. Special events currently come on a regular basis, ensuring that there is always some kind of particular bonus running in the game. Pokémon GO launched in a minimum viable state, and as a result, it lost millions of players. But currently, almost two years in, it finally has some of those important elements that make playing it interesting and addictive.

The quests are a boon for most of the players who love Pokémon GO, even if they criticize it all the time. It is not hard to get a reason to actually turn the thing on. If the creatures are all strong enough to make a good showing at any Raid then basically there would be no goals left at a high level save grinding out the eggs for rare hatches. The Raids are really more about how many people one has than how strong one is anyways. The quests do offer tiny little goalposts in between those ever-shifting distant Pokedex, and that is enough for the addicted players.

Pokémon GO yet has plenty of the issues that have plagued it since launch. The combat system still is useless and the gym system is pointless. The leveling in a long-term progression does not really work, and the wide majority of the rewards are at the mercy of a frustrating randomization system. But what is great about the game is currently better than ever, and that is a reason to get back.