It was reported that actress Anne Heishi was hospitalized after the brutal meltdown in Los Angeles

Actress Anne Heshe has been hospitalized after a fatal car accident in Los Angeles, according to multiple reports.

Witnesses were martyred TMZ He said Friday evening shake the dog And the Donnie Brasco The star was seen crashing into the garage of an apartment building in her Mini Cooper, only to drive away while passersby were trying to help her. She then reportedly broke into a nearby home in Mar Vista shortly thereafter, setting off a fire that engulfed the car and spread throughout the house.

The Los Angeles Fire Department said it took 59 firefighters 65 minutes to put out the “stubborn fire” and “rescue an adult woman found inside the vehicle.” She was taken to hospital in critical condition.

However, ex-boyfriend Thomas Jane said daily mail On Saturday, the actress said she was “stable” and “expected to succeed” despite the intubation.

“My thoughts and prayers are with Ann, one of the true talents of her generation,” said Jen, who recently dated Heche in 2020. “Thank God no one was hurt.”

A source close to Heche . said CNN The actress was “lucky to be alive”, had “severe burns and is waiting for a long recovery”. The source said that her family is still treating what led to the plane crash.

Anne Heck and ex-boyfriend Thomas Jane in 2010.

Jason Merritt

Fox 11’s Stu Mandel, who witnessed the rescue operation in a helicopter above the crash site, said earlier, “If someone was alive there, it would be a miracle.”

The house had tons of smoke. I think they used the lever to move the car to get the driver out. It was crazy NBC Los Angeles.

Photos posted by Fox 11 A woman, identified by the news outlet as Heche, is shown being carried on a stretcher. Los Angeles Timesciting law enforcement officials, reports that Heche was the registered owner of the vehicle.

Heche’s representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“We’ve really had a multifaceted incident here,” Capt. Eric Scott of the Los Angeles Fire Department was quoted as saying. “We had a big traffic collision, we had a woman trap inside that, we had a car that caught fire, and then we had a house with a big fire plastered in red. It was destroyed at this point.”

No other injuries were reported.

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