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It looks like the iPad Pro is ready for its first major update in five years


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Apple seems intent on fixing the iPad Pro, though the updated tablet is unlikely to hit the market until next year.

The news came out on Sunday thanks Mark Gorman from Bloombergwhich is often correctly called Apple-related news.

The tech giant’s iPad Pro hasn’t seen a major update since 2018, and the company hopes that showing some love for the high-end device will help galvanize the tablet market, which, according to Gorman, is “in a deep mess”.

Sources told Gurman that the next-generation iPad Pros — reportedly codenamed J717, J718, J720, and J721 — will be Apple’s first tablets to come with OLED screens. This is the same type of screen that’s been in iPhone since the iPhone X launched six years ago, and it delivers a brighter, cleaner look, as well as more vibrant colors and deeper blacks.

The new iPad Pros are said to come in 11-inch and 13-inch sizes. An 11-inch model is already in the lineup, but the 13-inch screen will be a very slight increase from the current 12.9-inch offering.

As expected, next year’s iPad Pro is expected to get Apple’s upcoming M3 chip as well.

Gorman’s sources also claim that Apple will release a revamped Magic Keyboard for the tablet. “The new accessory makes the iPad Pro feel more like a laptop than the current setup and adds a larger trackpad,” said the Bloomberg reporter, adding that the introduction of a larger trackpad would address a complaint about the current Magic Keyboard, which launched in 2020.

It seems unlikely that the new iPad Pro tablets will debut until the spring or early summer of 2024, and only minor updates are expected for the rest of the iPad lineup before then.

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Although the tablet market may be in the doldrums after sales surged during the pandemic, Apple still led the market with 37% of tablet shipments in the most recent quarter.

The major revamp of the iPad Pro next year should help boost sales of the company’s tablets, although many people use tablets as a secondary device after their phones, convincing people to part with large sums of money to buy an iPad could be a real challenge in these matters. . Economically unstable times.

If you’re looking for a new tablet right now, Digital Trends has some advice on which iPad is best for you, and can even point you towards some decent Android devices if you’d rather stay away from Apple’s offerings.

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