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Isfahan: Bombs exploded in the center of the country, Iranian state media reported


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As the conflict with Israel escalates, it… Iran According to media reports, there were explosions. A bomb exploded near an airport in the central Iranian city of Isfahan, state media reported. The cause is still unknown. US broadcasters ABC News and CBS reported that Israeli missiles hit an unspecified target in Iran, citing a US government official. For its part, the Iranian Space Agency announced that several small drones had been shot down. There is currently no word on whether a missile strike could take place.

According to Iranian state news agency Irna, anti-aircraft defenses have been activated in several Iranian provinces. Several airports have suspended operations.

Agency: Nuclear facilities are safe

Important facilities for the Iranian Defense Ministry are located in Isfahan. The country's largest nuclear research center is also located in the city. Tasnim News Agency gave the all clear to nuclear power plants in Isfahan. These are “absolutely safe,” the company said, citing “reliable sources.”

Iran attacked Israel with hundreds of drones, cruise missiles and rockets on Sunday night. It was the first direct attack on Israel from Iran's territory in the history of the long conflict between the two countries. Attacks on Israel have always been carried out by so-called Iranian proxies, such as Hezbollah in Lebanon. The regime in Tehran justified the massive attack in response to an alleged Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy compound in Damascus on April 1. Among others, two commanders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were killed.

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Israel has announced that it will retaliate against Iran's attack by the end of the week. The United Nations and the European Union have called on the country to adopt a moderate course. There are fears that the escalation could lead to open war between Israel and Iran.

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