Is Putin “frustrated”? Another Russian general was arrested

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Can’t the Russian Ministry of Defense keep calm in the middle of the war in Ukraine – because of the high costs of the war?

MOSCOW – Russia’s Defense Ministry is currently undergoing a shakeup: After the dismissal of Sergei Shoigu, investigators have now arrested a general. He has to keep an eye on state secrets. The head of the ministry’s cadre administration, Lieutenant General Yuri Kuznetsov, has been affected.

The country’s news agency reported that he has been charged Toss Tuesday (May 14). The Russian state news agency did not initially provide further information.

Putin has arrested another Russian general in the Ukraine war

Meanwhile, Rybar, a military blog well connected to the ministry, reported that investigators were interested in Kuznetsov in an earlier post when he was head of the Service for the Protection of State Secrets. The police raided the officer’s office and residence.

Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin is experiencing another personnel shakeup at the Russian Defense Ministry. © Pavel Bednyakov/Itar-Tass/Imago

It was only at the end of April that the high-ranking General Timur Ivanov came to the attention of the investigators. The deputy defense minister in charge of construction projects was arrested in a bribery case. Ivanov was considered a close confidant of Minister Shoigu. President Vladimir Putin Shoigu was replaced as defense minister as part of a government reshuffle. However, the 68-year-old received an honorable discharge when he was appointed secretary of the National Security Council.

US says Putin is “frustrated” over costs of Ukraine war

Experts also see corruption in the ministry unfolding against the background of the war in Ukraine. More than two years later, the results of the Russian invasion are still grim from the Kremlin’s perspective. From the US perspective, Shoigu’s dismissal shows Putin’s “frustration” at the high costs of the war, US State Department spokesman Vedant Patel said on Monday.

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The Ukraine war It put a heavy burden on the Russian economy and Russian troops suffered heavy losses. Some estimates put as many as 315,000 people affected, Patel said. Russia “started this unprovoked war against Ukraine.” Putin could end at any time by “withdrawing his forces from Ukraine.”

Putin unexpectedly removed Shoigu, who had been in power since 2012, and replaced him as secretary of the National Security Council, according to a government reshuffle decree issued by the Kremlin. The economist will be the new defense minister Andriy Belousov. (dpa/AFP/frs)

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