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Iran: Mullah Regime Executes Second Dissident | Politics


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The mullahs’ regime is taking even more drastic measures to suppress protests in Iran.

On Monday, the regime publicly executed Majidreza Rahnavard in the city of Mashhad. He was the second protester to be hanged by the mullahs.

During the November protests, Rahnavard allegedly stabbed two members of the Basij militia, a notorious paramilitary force. Militants are responsible for using violence to quell protests. Its members beat and killed countless Iranians.

Accusing Rahnavard of “waging war against God,” the court sentenced him to death under Islamic Sharia law. There was no fair trial. He arrived at the trial without a lawyer, but with multiple injuries. The regime’s henchmen detained him and tortured him.

Rapper already last Thursday Mohsen Sekhari (23) was hanged. He allegedly attacked a Basij member with a gun, causing terror and blocking the road. His death sentence was widely condemned at home and abroad.

According to media reports, the Iranian judiciary’s death list includes at least 25 demonstrators, including Ali Mozami and three rappers, Doumaj Salehi, Saman Yassin and Behrat Ali Konari.

They too can be hanged anytime!

Rapper Mohsen Shekhari (23) was hanged on Thursday

Photo: Twitter

Amnesty International estimates that at least 28 people – including three 17-year-olds – are on death row for their involvement in the protests. A total of eleven people could be hanged at any time depending on the judges’ decisions.

Human rights activists estimate that at least 470 protesters have been killed and more than 18,000 arrested since mid-September.

The judiciary has announced a tough course in the face of opposition from the mullahs. In Parliament, too, MPs demanded preventive sentences, including the death penalty, for the thousands of detained protesters. A carnage ensues.

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