In a big event, the mobile manufacturer giant Apple launched its brand new iPhone X yesterday. With some major up gradations, Apple has introduced this phone to the users. People will gate a feature loaded device. But still, there is a question that is iPhone X compatible for every generation? Or is it made focusing on some particular age group? Well, by seeing some of its features, it is clear that the phone is for the young youth.

The phone has bezel less screen and super retina display. The camera of the iPhone is also loaded with the latest hardware technology and has face detection technology. Though it has some unique features, the device has been priced at $1,000.

The Apple users don’t care about what are the new features and hardware the phone has. They only care about what the costly device will give them in return. People love to interact through social media.  Apple takes this as a major factor and has built a device for the youth.  Apple knows that the youth are the trend setter and they can spend more to satisfy their expectation. The Apple iPhone X has proved that the device is for them. Youth love to use emoji, take selfies and chat on iMessage. Teens love to use Snapchat or its AR lenses. That’s why Apple has collaborated with Snapchat to give this feature to its users and launched its new depth sensing camera with custom mask. As it has given a new way to take selfies, the front facing camera of the iPhone X is now as important as the rear facing camera.

During its launch event, SVP of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller said that the front facing camera of iPhone X will allow the youth to take best selfies and its features will bring about a revolution in human behavior.

Keeping this factor in mind, Apple in its iPhone X has provided an option to blur the background while taking selfies. The portrait lighting mode will give a breakthrough for selfies.

Today’s youth use emoji to express their feelings and to communicate with others. It’s good to share your feeling by using some animated feature like emojis. The iPhone X gives its user this feature to communicate with others by using cool emojis.

There is no doubt that Apple has done a lot of hardware improvements in the processor, and GPU and OS up gradation, but the only matter that will attract the people is the cool selfie feature. The user can take best selfies in this phone than compared to Apple’s other old model phones. The camera of this new phone has been optimized more than any other iPhone camera till now.