The all new “Measure” function on Apple’ s latest iPhone iOS 12 operating system brings another breakthrough innovation by making virtual size calculation of real objects a reality beyond expectations.

The new Apple iOS 12 operating system comes with the Measure app allowing users to size up real world objects instantly making users go crazy over sizing virtual tool.

The ease of the application did made the users creative in myriad ways wherein they started experimenting by measuring pets, food items and lots of other real objects with the hit of a camera scan.

Apple iOS 12

Beau Trincia tweeted, next a 29” width measurement of his dog: “Wow the #iOS12 Measure app is magic!”

Alyssa Bereznak said: “Don’t mind me, just using ios 12’s new “measure” app to measure my cat.”

Harsh Sharma said, next to a snap of his dog: “iOS 12 is preeeeettttyyyy cool. Lots of people are put this tape measure to good USE.”

George Farrow, meanwhile, was able to clarify the size of his takeaway box.

“Measure in iOS 12 is insane. Also if you were ever wondering the dimensions of a Chick Fil A box here they are.”


One user, @Vishwa_CB, was so delighted with the Apple iOS 12 update that he renamed his Twitter account after it.

In various tech reviews like the most recent tech magazine The Verge said that “Unlike in years past, where the focus has been on bright, flashy changes – whether that be a wholly new look for the operating system, redesigned notifications and widgets, or redesigned apps – this year’s update puts the emphasis first on working better, instead of just looking better.”

Further as the update complements the models going back to the iPhone 5S had made it all the more popular as it focusses on more responsive performance and user centric approach.

The update is also found helpful in Launching the camera is up to 70 per cent quicker, while starting apps is up to 40pc faster. All in all the new update has both the user appeal and functionality benefits to lure and sustain customer loyalty.