Apple could remove as many as 187,000 apps from its App Store when iOS 11 goes live next month, as the upcoming version of the OS will not support 32-bit apps. According to a report by Business Insider, citing app Intelligence Firm Sensor Tower, this would impact no less than 187,000 apps unless they get updated to 64-bit.

Even though the news seems rather controversial, its shouldn’t come as surprise as Apple had already informed developers who had enough time to update their apps to a 64-bit format. The move comes as Apple plans to switch entirely to a 64-bit architecture, as the company gears for the launch of the upcoming anniversary edition iPhone 8.

According to Sensor tower, there are still nearly 200,000 32-bit apps in the App Store. Now, this implies that nearly 8 percent of all iPhone apps on the App Store could go down the drain when iOS 11 rolls out next month. Most of these 32-bit apps that will supposedly be removed happen to be games, as many as 38,619 of them. They are followed by entertainment, education, and lifestyle apps.

However, Sensor Tower also notes that apps that aren’t updated to 64-bit won’t disappear overnight when iOS 11 goes live next month. As Apple will still allow them to be downloaded and installed on legacy devices that do not run iOS 11, but they would be eventually be pulled down unless developers do not update them to 64-bit.

The release of iOS 11 will likely see the end of 32-bit apps. Also, it could mark the end of lifecycle for older Apple devices such as the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, along with the 4th generation iPad as the can only run 32-bit apps.

The iPhone 5 and other devices running Apple A6 CPU, Apple’s last chipset running 32-bit architecture will continue to function properly with iOS 10.3.2. But overtime, the outdated hardware and software is likely to become obsolete, and there’s no guarantee that apps and other features would work as they should. The iPhone 5s and onwards though, all came with a 64-bit chipset on-board, and will continue to get support in iOS 11.