After months of waiting and speculations, the American conglomerate Intel Corporation has finally unveiled its 8th Generation Core Processors with revamped Kaby Lake Chips today. During an official event, the technology firm has introduced its latest core processor which is designed to boost up the speed of laptops by 40%. As the company has confirmed, the first batch of laptops, integrated with the new 8th generation core processors and the revamped Kaby Lake chip will hit the commercial market via OEM partners in September.

Back in January this year, Intel launched its 7th Generation processors, Kaby Lake chips for its processors and only after seven months, the firm has revised the variants and features of the chips for delivering a seamless and speedier performance. While announcing the opening of 8th Generation Core Processors, Intel has confirmed that its new 8th Generation family of processors is integrated with the revised version of the Kaby Lake Chips and will be starting with four CPUs for the 15W mobile units.

Previously, Intel either has used the generational systems for launching the new chip designs in its process or launched the higher consoles of, the earlier generation’s design like Skylake. But in a first of its kind bid, the firm is focusing the dual core line of the process and has introduced both the refreshed variant the 14++ and Coffee Lake and 10nm or Cannon Lake technologies via its latest 8th Generation Core Processors. As revealed by Intel, the slowest Core i5-8250U will run at 1.6GHz, while with a boost clock, it will run at 3.4GHz. Likewise, the fastest Core i7-8650U will run at 1.9GHz, and with increased speed, it will go up to 4.2GHz. Moreover, it also has come up with the hardware-accelerated support for 4K H.265 videos.

Although Intel has dubbed the architecture as the “8th generation”, but it seems that both the CPU and their integrated GPU are skin to the 7th generation of the Kaby Lake. While according to Intel, it is a “Kaby Lake refresh”, but the so-called 8th Generation is just a minor improvement of the 7th Generation of Kaby Lake.

However, Intel hasn’t revealed the price range of its four new 15-watt 8th-gen Core U-series chips yet. Even if, the company, on Monday, has completely shown how fast the units will run and operate, but in terms of price, it yet has been maintaining a tight-lipped condition. All four U-series chips of Intel include four cores and eight threads. The shipping of the laptops and PCs onboard the 8th-gen Core chips will be starting from September, while more than 80 new systems with the new processor are scheduled to hit the market by 2017 holiday season.