At a global event in Beijing, Intel launched the first ever Intel Core i9 processor for the laptops. The new lineup of the high-performance mobile products, the 8th Gen Intel Core i9 processor is the highest-performance laptop processor Intel has ever built and this is best for gaming and content creation experience.

Intel announced a new Intel Core platform extension which brings the benefits of 8th Gen Intel Core processors along with Intel Optane memory which is rounded to its family of high-performance CPUs and chipsets. This delivers the modern standby and ambient computing capabilities and shares some details about the 8th Gen Intel Core vPro platform.

The new 8th Gen Intel Core i9, i7 and i5 processors for laptops are based on the platform of Coffee lake and it leverages the 14nm++ process technology which enables them to deliver till 41 percent more frames per second in gameplay or to edit 4K video up to 59 percent faster than the previous generations.

The 8th Gen Intel Core i9-8950HK processor is optimized in such a way so that can be a push to limits of its performance. This is going to be the first mobile Intel processor which have six cores and 12 threads. It comes in a fully unlocked and features the new Intel Thermal velocity Boost. This Thermal Velocity Boost helps in increasing the speed automatically by increasing the clock frequency up to 200 Mhz with the processor temperature is low and turbo power is available. This take s the turbo frequency to 4.8 GHz.

The PC gaming industry is rapidly growing and Intel has seen in the increase of demands for the fast laptops which can provide desktop-like performance and experience. This includes the ability to stream and record without affecting the gameplay with enabling portability.  The rapid rate of technology innovation, it has broadened the access to all type of contents and how the people create it. The 8th Gen Intel Core processor family gives a powerful mobile platform for creators.

Intel Optane memory is said to be smart and an adaptable system that can accelerate for the desktop and mobile platforms. It increases the performance and responsiveness of SATA based technology without affecting the storage options. The Intel Optane memory is now available on both 8th Gen Intel Core mobile and desktop platforms. The company has realised a new Data Drive Acceleration feature that can boost the secondary HDD data drive. This combination gives up to 4.7 times the game loading and 1.7 times faster loading of media.

Consumers can also see the new platform extension with Intel Core i5+,i7+ and i9+ badges along with 8th Gen Intel Core mobile processors and desktop processors. the new 8th Gen Intel Core mobile processor family will also get new Intel 300 Series Chipset which will add Gigabit Wi-Fi for better speed connection which is capable up to 2 times faster than standard 2×2 802.11AC 80 MHz.