Instagram is changing its algorithm to make things look timely. There is an issue with your feed when it gets auto refreshes and makes the user bump to top of the feed. Instagram is testing “ New Posts” button which let you choose what you want to refresh.

The image-sharing app said in a statement that users can see new posts higher up and the feeds will look like more fresh. The algorithm will bring more posts and videos in your feeds. These changes are made according to the user’s feedback. There is some issue with some of the posts and videos keep on appearing in users Instagram feed for days and days. These make a user frustrated as the user cannot see the new post from their friends.

According to Instagram spokesman Gabe Madway said that “we did this via a number of changes, including an adjustment so that very old content does not bump up higher in the feed.” He also added that the Instagram is not going to a chronological feed. If any of your friends have posted a photo of themselves then the photo will be waiting in your news feed so that you can see that post.

Instagram is finding difficulty to balance the content chronologically and to rank it according to machine-learned impressions of relevance. Twitter is another social media giant who has done this in a right way by arranging all its posts in a chronological way. Mr. Madway said that Instagram feed ranking works by machine learning and it is constantly adapting and improving itself on new data.