“Inhumane attacks” – Russia changes tactics

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The situation in the war in Ukraine continues to deteriorate – militarily, diplomatically and humanitarianly: News Ticker on Saturday 2 July.

+++ 2 PM: Mykhailo Podoliak, adviser to the Ukrainian president, sees a change in the way the Russian military conducts wars. “This is a new Russian tactic: attacking neighborhoods and putting pressure on Western political elites to force Ukraine to sit at the negotiating table,” Podoliak said, according to reports from various media outlets in Kyiv. Moscow doesn’t care how the world reacts to “inhumane attacks” by cruise missiles on residential areas.

People retrieve some of their belongings from a building damaged by a Russian missile strike in the city center in Bagmut. © Efrem Lukatsky/AP/dpa

Russia is not fighting to make territorial gains, but to destroy Ukraine and build a new security structure in Europe, said Volodymyr Zelensky, an adviser to the president. Russia had to change its tactics because the army “doesn’t know how to fight well on the battlefield”. Now Moscow’s tactic is to scare the world into backing down on the war in Ukraine: “Do whatever they want. The main thing is that this horror does not continue, because we see it every day on the pages of our newspapers or on television.

Ukraine war news: Russia allegedly using cluster bombs

+++ 12.30 hrs: Russia reportedly used banned cluster bombs in rocket attacks on the city of Sloviansk in eastern Ukraine, according to Ukrainian reports. On Saturday night, civilian areas without military installations were attacked, Mayor Vadim Liach said in a telegram. Four people were killed and seven wounded. Cluster munitions are rockets and bombs that detonate in mid-air at a target, releasing multiple small explosive devices. Their use is illegal under international law.

+++ 12.00 hrs: Apparently, Russian troops have been able to gain a small amount of ground around the city of Lysysansk in eastern Ukraine thanks to ongoing air and artillery strikes. This was announced by the British Ministry of Defense citing British intelligence. However, Ukrainian units would be blocked from advancing in the southeastern suburbs of the city. Since the beginning of the war, Great Britain has been publishing on an unprecedented daily basis its intelligence services’ assessments of the course of the war.

Ukraine War: Ukrainian Positions Under Heavy Fire

+++ 10.00 am: In eastern and southern Ukraine, Ukrainian army positions along the entire front line have been hit by artillery fire from Russian troops. A Ukrainian civil service report posted on Facebook on Friday listed dozens of locations in Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia, Mykolaiv and Kherson provinces. There were also isolated attacks by planes and helicopters. Ukrainian units repulsed a Russian attack on a gelatin factory near the industrial city of Lysizansk in the Luhansk region.

In a July 2 update, the General Staff reports that Russian forces are on the defensive in Sloviansk and trying to block Ukrainian advances near Kharkiv. Statements cannot be independently verified.

+++ 08.00 AM: Bombs were reported early in the morning from the Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv. “There are powerful explosions in the city! Stay in shelters! “Mayor Oleksandr Senkevich wrote in Telegram. The reason is still unknown.

Ukraine War: Attack on Odessa – “Targeted Russian Terrorism”

Update from 6 am on Saturday, July 2: At least 21 people were killed and 39 injured in a Russian rocket attack on a residential building in the southern Ukrainian region of Odesa, Ukraine (see update from 6:42 p.m., Friday). President Volodymyr Zelenskyj spoke of “deliberate, targeted Russian terrorism”. There were no weapons or military equipment hidden in the house – “as Russian propagandists and officials always say about such attacks,” he said in a video message.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba accused Russia of waging a war against civilians over the missile attack. “I urge our allies to provide modern missile defense systems to Ukraine as soon as possible. Help us save lives and end this war,” Kuleba said on Twitter.

Ukraine war: Russia appears to have hit Snake Island with phosphorus bombs

+++ 8.44 pm: Ukraine has accused the Russian military of using phosphorus bombs on Snake Island in the Black Sea. On Friday evening, Moscow’s troops “conducted airstrikes with phosphorus bombs twice,” Ukrainian military chief Valery Zalushny wrote in a telegram. It was only on Thursday that the Russian military announced its withdrawal from the Ukrainian island, which it had previously occupied for four months.

Ukraine: Death toll rises in rocket attacks

+++ 6.42 pm: The death toll has risen to 21 after Russian rocket attacks in the southern Ukrainian region of Odesa, Ukrainian media reported. At least one of the dead was a child, a 12-year-old boy, Serhii Brachuk, a spokesman for the Odesa regional administration, told Ukrainian television on Friday. According to Ukrainian rescue workers, 39 people, including six children, were injured in the attacks in the village of Serhiyivka, 80 kilometers south of the port city of Odessa.

According to Brachuk, the missiles were launched from warplanes flying over the Black Sea. The projectiles hit a residential building and a recreation center. According to rescue workers, 16 people died in the apartment building. Five people, including a child, were killed in the recreation center. Moscow has denied that the Russian military targeted civilians in Ukraine. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov assured that the Russian armed forces “did not act against civilian targets” during their operations.

Ukraine War News: Rocket Attack Death Toll Rises

+++ 3.30 pm: The death toll from Russian rocket attacks near Bilhorod-Dnistrovskij in southern Ukraine, near the city of Odessa, has risen to at least 20, according to Ukrainian sources. Civil Defense announced this information on Friday. Initially, there was talk of ten deaths. At least 38 people are still receiving treatment in hospitals. According to the military administration, a total of three Russian missiles were hit. An apartment building and entertainment center were hit. X-22 missiles were launched by Russian Tu-22 bombers over the Black Sea. Information from war zones cannot be verified by an independent party. Since the Russian invasion began in late February, the United Nations has recorded more than 4,700 civilian deaths. However, the UN warned that civilian casualties would be much higher.

Ukraine War Update: Russian rocket attacks hit residential areas near Odessa

+++ 08.00 AM: At least 17 people were killed in rocket attacks in the city of Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky, Odesa region. Serhiy Brachuk, a spokesman for the Odessa regional military administration, said in a telegram that three bombs fell in a residential area. Among other things, a leisure center was attacked. The situation on the ground is chaotic and the information cannot be independently verified. A VideoThis is from a news portal Nexta The release shows the extent of the damage. The residential area is like a wasteland.

First report from 6:15 am on Friday, July 1, 2022: At least 14 people were killed in a Russian rocket attack on a residential building in southern Ukraine’s Odesa, Ukrainian sources said. Ukrainian rescue services said on Friday that 14 people had died and 30 were injured. Three children were among the injured. Rescue operations will continue, but they will be complicated by the fire.

Serhiy Brachuk, a spokesman for the Odessa regional administration, said earlier that the rocket hit a nine-story apartment building in the Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky district, 80 kilometers south of the port city of Odessa. The rocket was launched from a plane flying over the Black Sea.

According to Ukrainian sources, the residential building was partially destroyed by the attack. Rescuers initially said six people were dead and seven were injured. The death toll later rose to ten and then to 14. (With Marv/Du AFP/dpa)

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