The global IT security has taken a centre stage over the last few years and seems to grow at a fast pace, given the changing circumstantial requirements. Apart from the various countries, which have already made a mark in advancing IT security, like Israel, US, Russia, new players are also emerging in the field from countries like India.

Indian technological set-up, which once looked more like a messed up affair, now seems to have taken a strong shape like one of  Silicon Valley and so the opportunity of being IT security pioneers were too taken up by entities like Secfence and Aglaya.

Significant rise in security threats has propelled governments from different countries to prioritize the development and adoption of advanced surveillance techniques. Growing crime rates and increasing instances of security breaches across the world, leading to massive loss of human life and assets, are the major drivers of the electronic security market.

Considering the phenomenon, Indian start-ups like Secfence Technologies developed their capabilities to render their cyber security infrastructure to various regions around the globe, including the Middle East.  The presentation given by the company at the ISS World surveillance fair in Dubai on March 11-13 explained its potential and capability to use malware sort applications that exploits communication channels used by legitimate applications for putting a check on hostile elements.

Secfence Technologies, headed by Atul Agarwal, explained that the vision of the company was to  stand out from the big suppliers of vulnerabilities and develop advanced cyber-offensive operations  for their clients that is harder to detect. The vision was primarily to detect unknown vulnerabilities and the development of new malware. Its main focus is on concealing attacks and hiding tracks to counter cyber attacks.

In the same direction, another Offensive Cyber Tech enthusiastic company Agalya in 2014 brought a 20-page brochure to ISS World (AKA the Wiretappers’ Ball — the annual trade fair). The event is a known platform, wherein governments seek for buying surveillance technologies. A major offering that was displayed in the brochure of this company during the event was Aglaya’s Weaponized Information service that included Aglaya’s Weaponized Information service to denial-of-service with disinformation to “discredit a target” online making it sensational in the Middle East that is often under international radar for illegal surveillance practices.

It cannot be denied that the offensive technology market is taking shape as governments from regions such as the Middle East have already started showing interest in offensive cyber security offerings made by startups like Secfence and Aglaya.