In X he explained why he was conducting an interview with Putin

The meeting is likely to generate considerable debate: After much speculation, former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson confirmed Tuesday evening that he will interview Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In a video shared on online platform X (formerly Twitter), the 54-year-old journalist said: “We are in Moscow this evening. We are here to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Carlson told the camera in his monologue that he was motivated to sit down with Putin because he wanted to inform “the people of English-speaking countries.” Most Americans have no idea what is happening in the Ukraine war and what global consequences it has. Carlson says that “no one is telling them the truth” and that the media is corrupt. Carlson says there is “more” to the story and that the Western media is misleading its audience.

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“We're not here because we love Vladimir Putin. We're here because we love America and want it to be prosperous and free,” Carlson added. He pointed out that the interview has yet to take place. He did not say when it would air, but it will be on his personal website “Edit “Undone” and “not behind the conversation” will be published.

Tucker Carlson with his own show at X – Elon Musk backs him up

The talk show host, often described as a right-wing conspiracy theorist, was fired by Fox News last year without giving any reason for his dismissal at the time. Carlson hosted a highly rated evening show there for several years. He used this to cause repeated provocations. Shortly after, he launched his own show at X, backed by Elon Musk.

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Russia has been waging a war against Ukraine since February 2022, in which tens of thousands of people have already been killed. There is an international arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin for war crimes.

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