In Helldivers 2's new main system, Game Master Joel takes off the kid gloves once and for all: you'll fight Automatons and you'll like it

Hell Divers 2 A new boss command has been released for players, and it seems to be aimed squarely at all the dedicated bug-squashing fans who aren't too keen on oil leaks from killer Automatons.

Bugs have been pushed to the sidelines, as we're now tasked with eliminating the droids and freeing Troost in Helldivers 2 as part of Operation Swift Disassembly. In traditional terms, this major revelation comes after the robots are interrogated using a “simulation of an unpleasant sensory experience” (whatever that means), and it is revealed that the robots are preparing to launch “Recovery”, which is believed to be a “large-scale invasion of an unprecedented scale.”

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