A joint work between Huawei and the Chinese operators, represented by China Mobile, has achieved a historic point in the telecommunications deployment. Enabling 5G coverage in Everest mountain, the highest point on the planet and the most challenging peak for mountaineers in all the world.

This agreement signed by Huawei and the Chinese operators aims to deploy 5G coverage throughout the Himalaya chain of mountains. During April 19, teams from the two companies installed various telecommunication antennas to offer coverage in two Everest camps, located at 5,300 and 5,800 meters.

In total, this adventure required the placement of five 5G NSA and SA antennas of up to 1 gigabit per second at different points in the area. The next step in this crusade will be the installation of a new antenna placed at 6,500 meters on April 25.

China Telecom also confirmed its involvement in the project on Tuesday, stating that it had installed base stations at different locations in partnership with state-run China Television. The endeavor was broadcasted through a 24-hour live-streaming program that reportedly had more than six million viewers.

To carry out this task, 150 people worked for the installation of 8 tons of material. That was a tough job because of the difficult geographical conditions. With the need not to further damage the environment. However, Huawei is known for its ability to deploy data connectivity in difficult situations.

Recall that Everest, whose peak rises to 8,848 meters above sea level, has already 4G coverage science 2013. So that mountaineers are able to carry out HD video transmissions to the base camps.