The Chinese company who is the world’s third-largest smartphone maker dealt with a blow when Best Buy stops taking orders from Huawei. It is getting hard for Huawei to sell smartphones in the US without Best Buy.

Best Buy has ceased ordering smartphones from Huawei and it is going to stop selling its products in the coming weeks. According to a source, Best Buy who is the nation’s largest electronics big-box retailer has decided to end their relationship with Huawei. Best Buy did not give any additional details about the ending of the relationship.

A Best Buy spokeswoman said that “ We don’t comment on specific contracts with vendors and we make decisions to change what we sell for a variety of reasons.” This move is said to be a critical blow to Chinese company Huawei. This blow put the company in trouble to establish themselves in the US market. Best Buy is one of the Huawei biggest retail partners and the Huawei smartphones are not sold by any other US carriers.

In the last few years, Huawei was building a fan base slowly by selling the unlocked phones with the help of retailers like Best Buy, Amazon and Newegg. These things are changed during last few months when directors of FBI, CIA, and NSA have expressed their concerns about the risk posses by Huawei and ZTE.

ZTE is selling its smartphones through US carriers. The company is said to be touted the number of resources and US components that are used in its products. Amazon didn’t comment on this issue but the online retailer is still selling Huawei products that include smartphones and smartwatches. Newegg too selling the Huawei products but declined to comment on this move.