The new Epic Game’s Fortnite has taken the world by storm by creating a version of games like shooters which depends on quick shooting skills and the ability to construct structures which give you an advantage in a fight.  The new version of the game for the tablet and smartphone version bring some ideas for the same which is required to win matches. This idea includes mastering touch controls and way of adapting to small screen.

Fortnite is now available on iOS which means the game is now smartphone compatible. The interface of the game gets change by the way players approach the game. If you want to master the game on the phone that means you need to know every little thing about the new version of the game. There are some tips by which you can play the Fortnite game on your phone in a better way.

The Fortnite game on iOS is same as the game that is available on other platforms for which the players can use the game crossplay support to play with players on the PC and Console versions. The only difference between them is the mobile game’s controls as it uses the virtual buttons on the device touchscreen.

You will get a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen for moving your character. If you swipe on the screen then it will turn your character, turn the camera angles or aim and you can anywhere on the screen in order to shoot. When your character is running then you get other virtual buttons like jump and crouch. It also has a backpack icon which is on the left of the inventory which helps you to pull up a large inventory menu.

Fortnite game touch controls are very sensitive and different from its console and PC controls. You can move the camera just by swiping away at your screen so you need to learn how fast or slow you need to swipe in order to move the camera at that speed. There are three touch sensitivity settings which are for a standard camera, more sensitive one for aiming down sights and aiming down a weapon’s scope.

You might choose to play the game with sounds off but when you will play Fortnite it is good to play with headphones on. You can listen the sound and can anticipate the things that are going around you and this can save your life in the game. The better the quality of headphones, the better you will get the sounds of other players around you.

The game also added visual cues in order to show the place from where the sounds are coming and you need to learn about these cues in order to interpret them quickly. Fortnite got a big map and you spend a lot of time running around it. Epic Games added a new option of “AUTO-RUN” which is not present in PC or Console versions. You need to double tap on the left side of the control stick to the character will run off in the direction it faces.