How much extra pay do Ukrainian frontline fighters get?

Ukrainian soldiers receive an extra 100,000 hryvnias (about 2,500 euros) a month to stand on the front lines in the fight against Russian troops. The Ukrainian military leadership made the announcement on Wednesday, ending speculation about pay and allowances.

100,000 hryvnias “are earmarked for defenders fighting directly at the front”. Soldiers performing tasks in the war zone but not directly involved in combat and air defense personnel received 30,000 hryvnias (737 euros). Those parked at the back do not get the front row bonus.

According to ZDF journalist Dara Hassanzadeh, Ukraine is acting spontaneously and flexibly to confuse its enemy Russia.

19.04.2023 | 04:42 min

The basic military pay for all soldiers has been raised to almost 20,000 hryvnias (490 euros) since early February. According to the civil servants, the Ukrainian armed forces are paid fairly, which “does not create preconditions for social tensions and respects soldiers who risk their lives and health”.

Public servants have called on Ukrainians to put an end to populism on the matter and instead focus on protecting the country.

According to official information, Russian soldiers receive a front-line bonus of 158,000 rubles (about 1,760 euros) on top of their basic military pay of 37,000 rubles (412 euros). However, many of them are complaining on social media that they have not received this money.

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